2022 Indian FTR Rally

Indian asked riders for input and this is what they said

A refined powerplant drives the FTR Rally along with expanded electronics and an off-road bias in the rider's triangle,

elements that play right into the “Rally's” multi-surface capabilities.

The 1,203 cc V-twin engine produces 120 hp and 87 lb-ft of torque.

Ample power and torque low in the rev range delivers progressive power and response.

Improved throttle feel and smooth, predictable response enhances performance along with improved heat management.

Rear cylinder deactivation reduces the amount of heat that washes up over you at a stop.

The FTR Rally shows its scrambler chops with Pirelli® Scorpion Rally STR tires over wire-spoke wheels with an 18-inch rear and a 19-inch front.

The larger wheels increase offroad-ability as the larger wheels are better for use on rough terrain.

If you're looking for traction control and other examples of electronic training wheels, you're looking at the wrong bike.

The FTR Rally comes with only ABS and cruise control as higher electronic functions.

The low wind deflector reinforces the rally nature of form and function.

Keeping it old-school, the instrumentation features an analog gauge with an LCD display.

The aviator-style saddle and comfortable ergonomics allow for a commanding riding position.

The ProTaper handlebars are two inches higher, raising your hand position for better control and makes it easier to operate the bike from a standing position for technical off-road work.

This as a viable alternative for riders looking for mid-size V-twin performance

who don't want to go to the metric market.

MSRP on the FTR Rally is $14k.

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