2021 Piaggio MP3 400 hpe / 400 hpe Sport

Improvements to the new engine increases power by 16% and torque by 30%

Piaggio significantly expanded its renowned MP3 range upwards for MY2021 to include the new MP3 400 hpe and 400 hpe Sport.

Modern and elegant, the MP3 400 hpe is built to appeal to a more mature rider with its graceful lines over a practical platform.

An articulated quadrilateral arrangement up front delivers the lean that sets this machine apart from run-of-the-mill, standard non-leaning trikes.

The two-wheel front end delivers double the usual contact surface for greater safety and comfort on irregular surfaces.

The beauty of the articulated front end is the ability to lean into the corners with sportbike-like agility.

A blocking mechanism in the front suspension holds the front end firm when at a standstill so there's no need for a kickstand (provided anyway) or for you to put your feet down at a traffic light.

The new 400 MP3 hpe engine makes its début on the Piaggio MP3, but size alone is not the only difference between it and the 350 cc engine it replaces.

A slew of improvements to the engine increases power by 16% and torque by 30% as well as reducing vibration and noise.

Borrowed from the automobile world, the car-like grille on the MP3 400 hpe leads the way with the blue-and-white brand badge.

The way it fits with the look of the forward bodywork below recessed headlights, it looks like the front end of a car that someone left in the dryer a little too long.

The LCD instrumentation comes with a Bluetooth connection that pulls your phone into the network through Piaggio's MIA app.

The MIA multimedia platform links your smartphone to your MP3, connecting you with useful trip data and allowing for hands-free calls.

LED projectors make up the headlights that sport DRLs for improved daytime safety.

Modern tech continues with three-channel ABS and ASR traction control.

The step-through is fairly open ahead of the large under-seat storage compartment.

Capable of holding two full-face helmets or a computer bag, weatherproof storage under the flip-up seat comes with remote opening as part of the Bike Finder feature package.

MSRP for the MP3 400 hpe is $11k and the Sport model is $11.2k.

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