2021 Piaggio MP3 500 hpe Sport Advanced

The only three-wheel production scooter with reverse

Built on its proven leaning-Delta trike chassis, the Piaggio MP3 500 hpe Sport Advanced carries the largest engine to date in the MP3 platform.

It comes with advanced electronics that remain a rarity within the realms of scooter-dom.

The 493 cc engine delivers 44.2 horsepower and 35 pounds o' grunt with enough power in reserve for ample roll-on on the highway.

In an industry first, the factory equips the MP3 500 hpe Sport Advanced with a reverse feature that makes it infinitely easier and stress free to manage the 500 in the parking lot.

It's the Delta-trike configuration that makes the MP3 range so stable and secure, even on irregular surfaces such as cobblestones and brick

The parallellogram front end lets the scooter lean into the turns like a sportbike and an electronic suspension lockout holds the front end from sagging at stops and in the parking lot.

The lighted under-seat storage compartment accommodates two full-face buckets

or any combination of computer bag, books, groceries, or whatever for some real-life commuting and errand-running utility.

Connect your smartphone to the onboard electronics system through the Piaggio MIA multimedia platform.

MIA allows you to access information that includes, but isn't limited to, your bike's performance, trip statistics, and Piaggio news.

Head-on, it looks like a sports car that was left in the dryer just a little too long.

Note the automotive-roadster elements: the grille and badge, recessed headlights complete with flush-mount glass and DRL emitters, and a broad vented windscreen.

The 2021 MP3 500 hpe Sport Advanced rolls in Matte Sapphire Blue, Earth Brown, or Black Meteor for $10k.

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