Triumph Trident 660 vs. Yamaha MT-07

Battle of the Middleweights

Yamaha MT-07

Looks like it was designed with a clean sheet of paper

Triumph Trident 660

Modern, but with a more traditional appearance

MT-07 parallel twin engine

72bhp at 8,750rpm and 50lbs of torque at 6,500rpm

Trident in-line triple engine

80bhp at a screaming 10,500rpm and 47lb of torque at 6,250rpm

Triumph instruments

Classically good looking

Yamaha instruments

Not as classy as the Triumph, matches the rest of the styling

Triumph rear end

The whole bike is curvaceous

Yamaha front end

Angular styling a feature of all the MT range


Yamaha has a longer accessories list, including bigger screens and luggage capability

Which do you choose?

They're both very good. It comes down to how modern you like your bikes to look and whether you like a twin or a triple