2021 - 2022 Yamaha Ténéré 700

We waited so long. Is it worth the hype?

Yamaha's Ténéré line expanded down into the mid-range with the all-new-in-2021 Ténéré 700.

The “700” brings solid dual-sport capability to the adventure-touring range with an off-road bent that definitely favors soft terrain.

Yamaha's CP2 engine delivers the goods with a transmission and chassis tuned specifically for trips off the beaten path,

much more so than its bigger brothers in the Super Ténéré family.

The Ténéré name invokes images of hostile riding environments such as the Dakar rally and other far-flung endurance races.

This is just the thing for traipsing across Hell's Half Acre in some God-forsaken desert or another.

All the metrics scream 'off-road' as do the standard-equipped spoked wheels, hand guards, and engine guard.

The factory designed a brand-new, purpose-built frame for the 700 with weight saving as one of the front-burner considerations.

Overall, the Ténéré presents a 452-pound curb weight which puts it at the lighter end of the range for a mid-displacement machine.

Inverted, 43 mm forks come with the full trinity of adjustments while out back, the monoshock has adjustable preload and rebound damping only.

Yamaha draws from its MT-07 program for this liquid-cooled 689 cc CP2 engine that generates 72 horsepower and 50 pounds o' grunt,

but there's no traction control or power modes with this ride; just raw control and honest feedback.

The Ténéré 700 lacks those higher electronic rider aids, but it does have switchable ABS protection all around.

MSRP is $10.3k and comes in a choice between Team Yamaha Blue and Raven.

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