Super Truck Offroad 2


Play and race with players from all around the world in this stunning monster truck game. Experience quality monster truck simulation as you complete various game modes of this game. Customize and upgrade all features of your monster truck and become the best in class. Win races to get rankings and dominate the online multiplayer mode. Are you ready to prove yourself the best monster truck driver? Prove yourself with Super Truck Offroad 2!

How to play Super Truck Offroad 2?

Super Truck Offroad 2 offers 7 addictive game modes for you to experience the best monster truck simulation.
MULTIPLAYER: Play and race with players from all around the world and get to the top.
CAREER: Complete various career missions and become the best monster truck driver in the city.
RAMP SERIES: Make powerful stunts by speeding through the ramps and make a statement. It is locked you have to unlock it by playing the game thoroughly.
HARDCORE CAREER: Tougher missions than the career mode. It is locked until you complete the career mode.
LONG JUMP: Make a long jump and beat the target jump score in long jump.
OBSTACLE COURSE: Drive through various obstacles and beat the target time.
TIME TRIAL: Beat the target timer and win this game mode.


Arrow Keys/WASD: Drive/Steer
X: Nitro
Z: Reset

What are the upgrades and customizations in this game?

There are plenty of customizations and upgrades available for you in this game.If you feel your monster truck is slow then you can head over to UPGRADE section and get yourself a worthy upgrade like ENGINE, EXHAUST, TYRES, SHOCKS AND NITRO.
You can customize your monster truck with a good color or apply a stunning decal. You can also apply custom rims to your monster truck.

How to save progress in this game?

The game data is saved in browser cache. Make sure you don’t delete browser cache or data. Otherwise, You can lose all your game data.
Alternatively, you can sign up with your facebook in this game and play anytime without any loss in progress.

About the game

The game is developed by Meltdown Interactive. They are known for their stunning offerings in the monster truck space. With this game, They have offered a stunning monster truck game packed with content and gameplay for days.



Super Truck Offroad 2
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Crazy Gameplay!
Great gameplay in dirt tracks and amazing physics.
Super Truck Offroad 2
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Realistic Upgrades!
Make essential upgrades to your monster truck and conquer every race.
Super Truck Offroad 2
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Make Long Jumps!
Make long jumps with your monster truck and beat the target score.
Super Truck Offroad 2
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Play with player from all around the world.
Super Truck Offroad 2
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Obstacle Courses!
Drive through tough obstacle courses and beat the target time.

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4x4 Offroad Monster Truck: Drive with cool monster truck and practice your truck driving skills.

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