Ultimate Truck Driving Simulator


The truck company is looking for someone who can deliver their cargos as soon as possible without any hassles. They are looking for someone who can drive sanely and deliver their cargos through the town. Experience a first person view of the pick up truck and interact with the truck in all kinds of ways and get to see what goes behind the scenes of delivering a cargo through the city. Are you ready to prove yourself as a worthy employee? Prove yourself as the Ultimate Truck Driving Simulator!

How to play Ultimate Truck Driving Simulator?

This game is a mission based game. You get missions to complete cargos and get money to drop it off as soon as possible. The game offers great first person experience with the pick up truck and a lot of interactions with the truck to get you all that goes behind the scenes of a pick up truck driver. There is a fuel system and other realistic mechanics which will keep you hooked to this game for hours.


W,A,S,D or Arrow Keys: Drive/Steer/Brake
Spacebar: Handbrake
C: Change Camera
F: Enter/Exit Vehicle
Q/E/Z: Indicators
I: Start/Stop Engine
B: Look back
K/L: Headlights

How to save progress in this game?

The game data is saved in browser cache. Make sure you don’t delete the browser cache or data. Otherwise, You can lose all your game progress in the process.

About the game

The game is developed by BoneCracker Games. They are known for their stunning games in the car/truck vehice types across the web portals. With this game, They have offered a stunning first person based truck driving experience.



Ultimate Truck Driving Simulator
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Great Graphics!
Stunning visuals of this game will keep you hooked. Play this game only on TopSpeed.com.
Ultimate Truck Driving Simulator
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First Person View!
Experience all interaction with the pick up truck and become the best.
Ultimate Truck Driving Simulator
- image 1047807
Day/Night Cycle!
Drive day and night and make deliveries of your cargo company.
Ultimate Truck Driving Simulator
- image 1047808
Cool Gameplay!
Drive through terrains and offroad conditions to make deliveries.
Ultimate Truck Driving Simulator
- image 1047809
Deliver Cargos!
Make cargo deliveries throughout the town.

Similar/Alternative Games

Truck Driver Easy Road: Similar Concept but slow gameplay.
City Truck Driver: Make cargo deliveries and drive across the city to complete missions.
Extreme Off Road Cars 3: Cargo: Complete delivery missions through various tough terrains and deliver cargos to complete levels.

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