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2017 Oshkosh Joint Light Tactical Vehicle

2017 Oshkosh Joint Light Tactical Vehicle

The U.S. Military has just awarded a contract to Oshkosh Defense for its Joint Light Tactical Vehicle, called the L-ATV as a replacement for the aging Humvee. The L-ATV, or Light Combat Tactical All-Terrain Vehicle, will be slowly deployed over the next eight years, with approximately 17,000 units slated for production.

The $6.7 billion contract covers both variants of the L-ATV – a two seat base platform and a four-seater that comes as either the general purpose vehicle or the Close Combat Weapons Carrier. A companion trailer is also included.

The L-ATV is powered by General Motors’ 6.6-liter Duramax V-8 and is backed by an Allison six-speed automatic transmission. Though the powertrain is outsourced, the L-ATV rides on Oshkosh’s proprietary TAK-4i independent suspension system that is said to provide 20 inches of wheel travel with generous cargo capacity and unmatched off-road abilities. In fact, an early version became the first military vehicle to complete the Baja 1000, competing in the 2010 races.

Oshkosh beat out big names like AM General and Lockheed Martin in winning the contract. Not only will Oshkosh supply the L-ATV, but it will continue to supply parts and services for decades to come.

While the L-ATV nearly twice the size of the current Humvee, it still fits in a Lockheed C-130 airplane, along with other military transport vehicles. Air-lift hooks protruding from its hood and rear bumper allow for helicopter transport, despite its 14,000-pound curb weight.

Oshkosh will begin delivering L-ATVs in roughly 10 month’s time.

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