The 2015 Easter Jeep Safari is still going strong through this weekend, coming to a close on April 5th. Already several days into the annual off-roading event, Jeep is showing off its crop of EJS concept vehicles in this B-roll video.

The video contains a full 12 minutes of awesome scenes showing all seven concepts having fun on the desert rocks of Moab, Utah. Never mind the fact there’s no talking head giving you a play-by-play or dubstep music making things more dramatic – this video captures the Jeeps in their natural habitats making all their natural noises. They speak for themselves.

Towards the end, Jeep brass including Mark Allen, Mark Trostle, and Pietro Gorlier talk about what the EJS concepts mean to the brand and how Moab is a proving ground for developing prototype parts.

Be sure to check out our full coverage of the seven Easter Jeep Safari concepts on TopSpeed Trucks. It’s there that we have full reviews of the Jeep Chief, Jeep Staff Car, Wrangler Africa, Wrangler Red Rock Responder, Grand Cherokee Overlander, Renegade Desert Hawk, and Cherokee Canyon Trail.

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