Automotive Testing and Development Services (ATDS) has made a comparison test between the Mitsubishi Fuso and Isuzu NPR-HD.

Both vehicles were loaded with 14.490 lbs and were tested under identical conditions over a 97.4-mi. course in various driving situations.

Mitsubishi declared that after the test, the Fuso scored fuel consumption of only 12.331 mpg which was better with 8.45% than the Isuzu NPR-HD that has achieved a fuel consumption of 11.370 mpg.

Mitsubishi declared that the test was conducted in accordance with SAE J1321 Type II Fuel Consumption Test procedures, and included multiple runs conducted over several days. It removes the partiality of internal tests and unreliable results of internal OEM testing.

In the past year we have heard from customers telling us of improved fuel economy compared to their EPA07 engine Fuso trucks and measurable fuel cost savings,” said Mike Rumsey, VP of Sales. “Now we have irrefutable proof that the Fuso Canter will deliver better fuel economy than the comparable Isuzu product configured with the EPA 10 engines. This report shows a tangible savings in operating costs and further reinforces the decision of a prospective buyer to choose Fuso.”

You can see complete details about the test


A new test proves that the Mitsubishi Fuso is more efficient than the Isuzu NPR-HD
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Fuso vs. Isuzu Fuel Savings
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