American Expedition Vehicles is well know for its aftermarket Jeep parts, but the Michigan-based company just announced it is officially selling parts for the Ram Heavy Duty truck line.

The announcement follows AEV’s 2014 concept Ram 2500 truck and more than a year of development. The parts range from custom wheels and a proprietary lift kit to the massive 3/16-inch thick, stamped steel bumper and high-mount air intake, among other accessories. Best of all, AEV products are all factory quality parts. In fact, several of AEV’s in-house engineers have Chrysler written somewhere on their resumes.

The relationship between FCA and AEV is tight. You may recall several Jeep Wrangler special editions like the Wrangler Moab and MW3 came with AEV-spec bumpers front and rear. There’s no word whether the partnership will carry over to the Ram truck brand, but the possibility is there nonetheless. Just imagine the next Ram Power Wagon with that heavy-duty bumper. Keep reading for descriptions of all the parts.

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  • Year:
  • Top Speed:
    115 mph (Est.)
  • Layout:
    Front Engine, 4WD w/ Low Range
  • Price:
    35000 (Est.)
  • car segment:
  • body style:

Front bumper

AEV Now Offering Ram HD Accessories - image 626506
AEV Now Offering Ram HD Accessories - image 626505
AEV Now Offering Ram HD Accessories - image 626507

Designed to fit 2500 and 3500 Ram trucks, the AEV Premium front bumper offers protection while still allowing for proper engine cooling. The bumper is constructed form stamped steel that’s 4mm thick and comes in three sections that are easily interchangeable should one section become damaged. The design also accommodates a winch that’s rated up to 16,500 pounds.

Off to either side of the winch are heavy-duty recovery points that accommodate D-ring shackles. The steel also continues down and works as a wear plate for skidding over rocks. The bumper ends also accommodate several lighting options from the factory fog lights to AEV driving lights.

Three-inch Suspension Lift

AEV Now Offering Ram HD Accessories - image 626491
AEV Now Offering Ram HD Accessories - image 626487
AEV Now Offering Ram HD Accessories - image 626490

It’s interesting to know that the Ram 2500 and 3500 SRW trucks come with several coil spring options from the factory. Which spring set is determined by what cab, bed, payload capacity, and other factors specific to each truck. That makes it hard for aftermarket companies to match the Ram’s factory-tuned suspension in ride quality. For that reason, AEV keeps the Ram’s stock springs and adds a three-inch cast aluminum spacer. This gives the truck lift without killing its payload and towing capacity, along with its factory ride. A high-steer kit is also added to correct the steering geometry.

Out back, the rear suspension only needs a two-inch lift to level out the truck. A similar aluminum spacer is used with the factory springs, just like the front suspension. Upgraded bump stops are also provided.

Raised Air Intake System

AEV Now Offering Ram HD Accessories - image 626500

Unlike some similar systems that keep high water from getting into the engine, AEV’s raised air intake system concentrates on dust filtration. Getting the air intake out from under the dirty engine bay and outside with cool, fresh air, the engine has the best chance for making horsepower. AEV offers two tips for the air intake kit: the typical air ram style and their high efficiency dust pre-filter. AEV says the pre-filter removes 98% of debris before it ever hits the engine’s main air filter.

Katla Wheel

AEV Now Offering Ram HD Accessories - image 626493

The Katla wheels are designed for heavy-duty use, with individual load ratings of 3,650 pounds. That ensures the wheels won’t break under heavy loads or during hard-core off-roading. The wheels are modeled after the Savegre wheels AEV offer for the JK Wrangler.

Salta HD Wheel

AEV Now Offering Ram HD Accessories - image 626508

The Salta HD wheels have all the same features as the Katla wheels, but offer a different look. The 16-spoke design allows for substantial airflow for cooling the brakes while still providing a 3,650-pound load rating. Both the Katla and Salta HD offer raised valve stem protection lips and are compatible with tire pressure monitoring systems.

Ram Premium Front Bumper $2,300
Ram HD 3" DualSport SC Suspension $1,900
Ram Raised Air Intake System $420
Ram Katla Wheel $240
Ram Salta HD Wheel $240
AEV Ram Tonneau Cover $630

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