The New York Auto Show has been a massive hit this year with tons of new models and information coming to light. Certainly not the least bit of info comes from Cadillac, who’s CEO, Johan de Nysschen, told AutoGuide that the brand will be launching eight new products within the next five years, three of which will be crossovers.

“There are three additional crossovers that will enter the Cadillac portfolio that do not exist today,” de Nysschen said in the recent interview. “[Crossovers are] an important part of growth in the luxury market.”

You won’t find European automakers arguing with that statement as both Porsche and BMW have raked in huge profits thanks to SUVs and crossovers. But Cadillac won’t be competing with those guys just yet. In a statement that sounds like it came from General Eisenhower in 1944, de Nysschen says, “I don’t think we want to wage war on two fronts at the same time,” speaking of both China and Europe. “It’s better to attack Europe from a position of strength.”

Cadillac’s war with China is in sales. The exploding luxury car market there what de Nysschen plans to capture, reaping profits in order to fund the automaker’s European theater of conflict – but only after 2020. That’s when the CEO feels Caddy will be ready to fully compete.

These three new SUVs will be leading the fight. There’s no real information on them yet, but they are likely crossovers. One will also be the successor to the current SRX, a vehicle that will also be renamed. The GM division is said to be investing $12 billion in developing these new products, so it’s expected Caddy will have a well-padded quiver ready for battle.

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Why it matters

Johan de Nysschen is certainly bold in his proclamations of future greatness for his luxury brand – something shrewd professionals and connoisseurs of luxury vehicles will likely admire. Besides de Nysschen’s behavior, Cadillac is undoubtedly preparing for a fight. Its first weapon, the all-new CT6, just launched at the New York show. How this car does against its German rivals will be an early indicator as to Cadillac’s success or failure.

And not to be partial for SUVs, but the three new high-riding Utes will surely bring customers in droves, especially if they’re anywhere as good as the Escalade. And don’t fear, de Nysschen says the Escalade will live on.

Cadillac Escalade

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Source: Autoguide

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