CAT has officially announced introduction of the new 15L CT15 engine which will be offered together with the CT11 and CT13 units for the CT660 heavy duty truck. The new engine develops a maximum output of 550 hp with a peak torque of 1,850 lbs.-ft achieved at 2100 rpm.

To be able to offer these superior performances, the engine uses sequential turbochargers and a high pressure common rail fuel system. Moreover, interstage cooling between turbochargers increases air density to maintain power as speeds increase. The CT15 uses an EGR system to reduce the emissions and meets EPA 2010 requirements without the need of additives (AdBlue).

The engine is perfectly suited for heavy haul operations as it offers a massive pulling power from relatively low revs.

George Taylor, director of the Caterpillar Global On-Highway Truck Group said, “The CT15 engine is the perfect power solution for heavy-duty applications and extreme environments. Cat vocational truck customers can count on the CT15 for years of reliable, durable operation, which translates into a longer-lasting truck and higher resale value.”

The new CAT CT15 engine is also offered with a capable engine brake than provides a retarding power of up to 600 hp being among the strongest in this class. Besides improving the stopping power, the engine brake also keeps the use of service brakes to minimum.


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