The Internet’s favorite ex-Ferrari owner and car guy Doug DeMuro has bought another car. But rather than another Ferrari like his 360 Modena, he bought a 2002 Chrysler PT Cruiser. While there’s not many reasons why anyone should buy a PT Cruiser, Doug’s reasoning is pretty solid. He’s going to crush it with his Hummer H1 – the vehicle he really bought.

Before all the metal crushing takes place, he gives the PT an honest review – but with a twist. Anything that needs fixing or improvement gets immediate attention. The updates come by both a paintbrush and a hammer. You’ll get the idea as you watch.

Finally the time comes for the smashing conclusion. Turns out Doug and his friends have to buy a second car, a lovely Saturn sedan, to act as the other half of his Hummer ramp. Without spoiling the video, the destruction is somehow satisfying to watch. The breaking glass and crunching metal is viewed from multiple angles and with plenty of sound. It’s a fitting use for a car that was already hobbling on its last leg. Thanks for the entertainment, Doug.

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