Fuel tank could drop down should the straps break

Ford has issued a voluntary safety recall for the all-new, 2017 Super Duty pickup. The recall includes roughly 8,000 pickups, which might have missing reinforcements for the fuel tank strap. Ford says that over time, the straps could separate from the truck’s frame, allowing the fuel tank to make contact with the ground, potentially leading to a fire.

Ford has no reported incidences from owners, so no injuries are associated with the recall. The affected trucks were built at the Kentucky Truck Plant between August 10 and September 17. Ford says 7,103 of the affected trucks are inside the U.S., while 964 are in Canada. Oddly enough, two more Super Duties are somewhere in U.S. federalized territories.

As with all recalls, vehicle owners will not be charged for inspection, repair, or replacement of the parts in question. Ford dealerships will inspect the fuel tank straps, checking for the presence of a reinforcement bracket on the No. 3 crossmember at the front of the fuel tank. If no bracket is found, one will be installed.

This marks the first recall for Ford’s new Super Duty. It’s highly doubtful this issue will slow buyers from snatching up the new model. Ford has released information saying Super Duty sales are up 33 percent in its first three months on the market. Truck-centric markets in Texas show an even bigger lead. Sales in Houston are up 38 percent, while Dallas sales are up a staggering 45 percent.

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Why It Matters

Recalls have seemingly become a common occurrence in the modern automotive industry. Much of that can be blamed for consumer watchdog groups and class-action lawsuits looking to keep automakers from getting away with producing potentially dangerous products. This is great for the consumer, but it puts automakers in a stressful spot of predicting problems and fixing them before the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration gets involved.

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Press Release

DEARBORN, Mich., Dec. 21, 2016 – Ford Motor Company is issuing two safety recalls in North America. Details are as follows:

Ford issues safety recall for certain 2017 Ford Super Duty vehicles to inspect and install a fuel tank strap reinforcement

Ford is issuing a safety recall for approximately 8,000 2017 Ford Super Duty vehicles to inspect and install a fuel tank strap reinforcement. In the affected vehicles, over time, a missing reinforcement could lead to a fuel tank strap separating from the frame, resulting in the fuel tank moving out of position and potentially contacting the ground, increasing the risk of a fuel leak. A fuel leak in the presence of an ignition source may increase the risk of fire.

Ford is not aware of any fires, accidents or injuries associated with this issue.

Affected vehicles include certain 2017 Ford Super Duty vehicles built at Kentucky Truck Plant, Aug. 10, 2016 to Sept. 17, 2016.

There are approximately 8,069 vehicles affected, including 7,103 in the United States, 964 in Canada and two in federalized territories. The Ford reference number for this recall is 16S45.

Dealers will inspect for the presence of a reinforcement bracket on the No. 3 crossmember at the front fuel tank strap attachment location. If no reinforcement bracket is found, the dealer will install one at no cost to the customer.

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