• Good Year’s DuraSeal can make a tire heal itself after nail punctures

    Good Year duraseal

Good Year put its G394 SST wide base trailer tire with DuraSeal to the test at Mid America Trucking show and recently revealed its results. DuraSeal consists of a yellow, gel-like rubber compound that’s released when needed to instantly seal a puncture of up to a quarter-inch in diameter in the tread area of the tire.

The company declared that its tire resisted to 367 nail punctures without losing pressure. The tire was “damaged” by different visitors which used a special device to pierce the surface with a nail.

Tim Miller, marketing communications manager, Goodyear Commercial Tire Systems said “The results were eye-popping. DuraSeal Technology is the industry’s first and only built-in tire sealant, and is designed for multiple punctures while maintaining tire pressure. If the nail is pulled out, DuraSeal can instantly fill the hole and keep air from escaping. People are amazed that a truck tire can seal itself.”


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