Every big operator and personal owner is constantly checking statistics about fuel and other different trucking operation costs, but we don’t have the occasion to see too often an exact evidence of what is the average cost of keeping a truck rolling.

In a nearly 700 billion dollars industry such costs are reaching astronomical figures and there is no wonder why there are only a few personal owners which still survive in a sea of big truck operators.

Though, finding the average cost of today’s trucking is not an easy task, as there are different variations in the way companies account various costs and there are also a plethora of different truck models out there.

However, the guys at Easy Lift Equipment decided to go to work and they come up with a pretty detailed infographic were there are shown the biggest costs of operating a big rig.

Only buying a truck is not a cheap investment at all, as a new cab is priced over $100,000, while a trailer will take around $50,000 from your pocket.

The statistics shown in the infograph say that the average yearly cost of keeping a truck on road is $180.000. Most of the money is spent on fuel, as this cost can be found on top of the list with an average of 20.500 gallons of fuel burned by a single truck during a year. This means over $70.000 spent only on fuel alone. The second position is held by the driver’s salary which is an average of $0.36 per mile. Other significant amount of money is spent on maintenance and insurance. For a detailed presentation hit the jump to check the full graphic.

Source: Easy Lift Equipment via The Truckers Report

Infographic: The real costs of trucking
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Source: Easy Lift Equipment

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