BTTF movie nerds bring the past to the present

The Back To The Future trilogy is one of the most memorable movies Hollywood has ever produced. The movie’s combination of a loveable cast, gripping plot, and timeless soundtrack – combined with the iconic vehicles – really propelled the movie into a cult classic. While the DMC DeLorean played the star role in the film as Doc’s time machine, for many it was Marty McFly’s 1985 Toyota SR5 Xtra Cab pickup that stole the show.

Sadly the Toyota pickups used on screen weren’t treated as well as the DeLorean after filming wrapped. The truck used in the first movie was a prize in a give-away, which was later totaled in a wreck. The truck used in the second and third movies was stolen and used as a drug-runner across the U.S. and Mexican border. Miraculously, the stolen truck was recovered by its owner, who later posted it for sale on Craigslist.

That’s when Patrick Shea bought it and began the restoration process. Now as you’ll discover by watching the AFICIONAUTO video, Shea is a massive BTTF movie buff, who also happens to own the only privately owned DeLorean used on screen. He and his father began the long process of restoring the truck to its on-set appearance. The pair took liberties with restoring the four-cylinder engine, making it a bit peppier than the stock 2.4-liter. Still, the truck is in immaculate condition thanks to a full body-off restoration.

The video is definitely worth the watch, especially for BTTF fans. After all, the Toyota truck was Marty’s idea of a good time, especially when used to drive his girlfriend, Jennifer, up to the lake.


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