Ford has just announced its newest addition to the Super Duty lineup – factory-installed LED warning lights – and in doing so, has confirmed it will be another year before the next-generation Super Duty makes production.

Though the lights are the main story here, the fact Ford has announced them for the 2016 model year nearly confirms 2017 will likely be the year the automaker rolls out the updated heavy duty truck. Rumored to have an all-aluminum body like the 2015 F-150, the new Super Duty should be lighter yet stronger. It’s interior is also rumored to take heavy influences from the F-150, ending the reign of separately styled dashboards.

But back to the lights. Ford says the factory option is designed for folks like contractors or road construction crews that need added visibility. A total of four LED light pods are mounted to the truck and professionally wired to the interior. Trucks equipped with the optional Upfitter Switch kit will utilize the number three switch for the strobe lights. Those without the Upfitter Switch will have a stand-alone switch installed.

The lights are all mounted without adhesives, and more importantly, without drilling – helping prevent corrosion. The hood-mounted lights utilize a bracket system that clips onto the trailing edge of the hood. The rear lights are mounted with the same fasteners that hold the high-mount third brake light on, but with longer screws that accommodate for the added thickness of the bracketry.

Ford says the lights can be seen from 1,000 feet during the day and up to a mile away at night. Unfortunately for police and fire departments, Ford is only offering the lights in amber, with no other color options at this time.

2016 Ford F-Series Super Duty

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Ford is offering an available factory-installed strobe warning LED light kit for all models of 2016 F-Series Super Duty trucks for customers – such as utility, road construction or municipal crews – that require enhanced vehicle visibility while working on-site. The no-drill option is warranted and not susceptible to corrosion issues that can be a result of poor aftermarket installation. The front- and rear-mounted amber-lens strobe lights that have been evaluated for any applicable regulations and industry standards, can be seen as far as 1,000 feet away during the day and as far as a mile away at night. The strobe lights installed on F-Series Super Duty trucks in use at worksites are designed to warn motorists and others that workers may be present and to proceed with caution.

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