Nissan’s ongoing documentary series humorously called “Titan Truckumentary” has been chronicling the upcoming 2016 Titan’s development from sketches on paper to testing early build models in a lab. Now the automaker’s latest installment of the self-produced series follows quality control engineers as they subject the new truck to sub-freezing temperatures in Fairbanks, Alaska and the surrounding areas.

Without spoiling anything, the video shows how frigid conditions can become problems for vehicles, like with cold starts and obtaining a comfortable temperature in the cabin. The Nissan truck team braves the low temperatures to record important data, both on their new Titan and on its direct competition.

This cold-weather testing is only part of the overall testing regiment, however. To see what all the Titan as gone through, check out chapters one through four by clicking “continue reading.”

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Press Release

Contrasting the clinical procedures and mild climates seen in Chapter 4 of Nissan "TITAN Truckumentary," the latest episode of this behind-the-scenes truck development series tracks engineers performing cold weather testing on the next-generation TITAN.

Filming took place in late 2014 and early 2015 in and around Durango, Colorado; Fairbanks, Alaska; and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

These tests covered a variety of cold weather concerns and complement the durability procedures seen in the previous "TITAN Truckumentary" episode. Engineer Craig Pike notes the significance of the tests in illuminating the "kinds of things . . . we could never simulate on the track in Arizona."

The importance of real-world engineering tests is encapsulated in a quote from TITAN senior product planning manager Carl Phillips: "There is a lot that our engineers can do behind the computer screen and in the laboratory or in the proving grounds. But you can never replicate what goes on in the real world."

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