Every year, a dedicated group of Jeep Wrangler JK enthusiast led by Eddie and Cindy Oh and their organization Wayalife, gather together for an adventure trekking across hundreds of miles of open road and narrow off-road trails. It’s called the JK Experience and it includes folks from around the world who are obsessed with the Jeeping experience and lifestyle.

For 2014, the hearty group of 46 people and 22 built-up JK Wrangler gathered in the Pacific Northwest. The group began the journey just east of Mt. Vernon, Washington at the Walker Valley ORV Park before heading over the Cascades and into the sand dunes of Moses Lakes. The group ends up venturing more than 200 miles south, down in the wild countryside below Seattle.

Along the way, the Wranglers had extreme obstacles to overcome, tight trails that narrowly wound between trees, and plenty of mud and rocks. Plenty of Jeeps got stuck and needed to be winched free. Thankfully each Jeep packed hard-core equipment like 37- to 40-inch tires, locking front and rear differentials, thick skidplating, roll cages – and oftentimes most importantly – winches.

The four-part series showcase the extreme off-roading, mechanical mishaps, and comradery between Jeepers. Currently three of the four videos are live on YouTube with the fourth coming soon. Be sure to watch them in order below the jump.

UPDATE 02/18/2015: The fourth and final installment to the JK Experience series is live on YouTube. Click past the jump to see all four videos.

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