Robby Gordon is no stranger to racing. He’s one of the rare types that chases wins from as many racing series as possible. Gordon’s quest has landed him trophies from NASCAR, Indy Car, short course, the Baja 1000, 24 Hours of Daytona, and the 12 Hours of Sebring. And while he’s won multiple stages of the ten Dakar races he has competed in, he’s yet to pull off an overall win. Gordon plans on changing that this year.

Work has been an ongoing event since the 2014 Dakar ended last January. Gordon and his team has constructed a brand new vehicle to compete, called the Gordini, which is a V-8-powred, rear-drive, monster that competes in the car class.

The documentary above details out the first half of the Gordini build, including though from team members and specific challenges that have been overcome. The second half to the video series (below the jump) continues the adventure as the team prepares to ship off to South America.

Much of the two-video documentary covers the intricate fabrication of the off-roader. The tube-frame chassis, aluminum skid plates, large suspension components, a Chevrolet LS V-8 powerplant, and tons of dyno runs to sort it out are all included. Gordon also dives into the mind-blowing logistics it takes to pull off participating in a Dakar race. It’s all an amazing feet of skill and determination.

With the race already underway, Gordon snatched a podium finish for the first stage, ending in second place. Gordon’s good luck ran short on the second day, however, as overheating brakes and a secondary mechanical issue cost the team more than four hours.

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Part Two

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