Ford’s newest pickup undergoes Government testing

The 2017 Ford Super Duty is the newest thing under the Blue Oval banner, but that certainly doesn’t make it immune from harm. In fact, like all new vehicles, the Super Duty had to undergo crash testing to ensure its crashworthiness. And if you’re anything like me, you get some weird enjoyment out of seeing a brand new vehicle smash against a wall. Luckily for us, these cash tests are filmed for evaluation and posterity.

The video above shows a 2017 Super Duty SuperCrew XL long bed meeting its demise against a flat wall at 35 mph under the supervision of National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The coolest part is the truck’s one-off paintjob. Designed to allow easy viewing and contact determination, the underbody parts are all color-coordinated while the interior is coated in what appears to be flat white paint from a spray can. Imagine having the job of rattle-canning the interior of new cars….

The slow-motion footage is rather fun to watch, especially the view from underneath the truck. The driveline parts, exhaust components, and the full-boxed frame are all clearly visible.

According to CrashNet1, the video’s YouTube host, the F-250 earned a Five-Star rating in the frontal crash, a Five-Star in the side-impact crash, and a Four-Star in the overall rating. The lowest score earned was in the rollover category, with the 4WD Super Duty earning only Three Stars, while the RWD version earned Four Stars.

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Side Impact Testing

The long, spotless sides of this aluminum-bodied 2017 Super Duty F-250 SuperCrew didn’t stand a chance against the crash cart – a 3,015-pound steel dolly designed to replicate the impact from another vehicle at 38.5 mph. The dolly sends the Super Duty flying sideways in the brightly lit studio, coming to rest a few feet away with a massive dent both side doors.

The Super Duty’s driver side-impact airbag and side curtain airbags both deploy flawlessly, protecting the occupants’ heads from hitting the windows and roof pillars. The safety systems did their job well enough for the NHTSA to award the Super Duty with a Five Start side-impact rating.

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