Aixam is specialized in building only electrical vehicles and besides passenger cars it also commercializes light commercial trucks.

There are two LCVs in Aixam’s Lineup, namely the Mega Multitruck and the e-Worker. The e-Worker is the smaller model and features compact exterior dimensions and a tight turning circle which permits it to deal with the city driving with agility.

Thanks to its robust construction and the practical load bed, the Aixam Mega e-Worker is a versatile LCV which meets the needs of light commercial applications.

The Aixam Mega e-Worker is offered with two wheelbase lengths and a choice of three battery packs. The three battery packs consist of 36 open lead elements of 2v in series for powers of 8.6 kWh, 11.5 kWH and 17.3 kWh.

This small truck also comes pretty cheap having a starting price of only $15,400.

  • 2010 Aixam Mega e-Worker
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  • Top Speed:
    25 mph
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2010 Aixam Mega e-Worker Exterior
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The Aixam Mega e-Worker features a modern design with a vertical front end and a curved windscreen.

In order to be easy to drive around the tight city streets, the e-Worker received a cab over engine configuration, small overhangs and also features compact exterior dimensions.

The driver is literally surrounded by a generous glass area while the lack of nose also helps to improve the front road visibility. Its panoramic cab and its full window doors also constitute a bold design that can’t be found at many vehicles from the street.

As we are talking about electric technology, the truck isn’t fitted with the usual radiator grille that can be found at the conventional vehicle. At the front however, there are four round light clusters which offer a proper visibility during night rides.

The bumper is made of a flexible material which permits it resist to various small impacts enhancing the utilitarian character of the truck. The doors come with a waterproof treatment and are also protected against corrosion due to their aluminium structure.

The ground clearance is pretty low which translates into easy loading and unloading. The wheels however, are tiny so don’t expect to any sort of capable off-road abilities. On the other hand, the e-Worker payload ranges from 600 to 850 kg which is pretty good given its compact dimensions.


2010 Aixam Mega e-Worker Interior
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Thanks to the low ground clearance and the wide opening doors you can hop inside fairly easy. Unfortunately, the compact exterior dimensions also affect the cabin space, hence you are treated with poor leg and shoulder room. On the other hand the head room is pretty generous and we also like how Aixam’s engineers designed the entire cabin, as it maximizes the use of space. The floor is completely flat permitting you to move without restrictions through the cab.

The materials are hard and the build quality isn’t brilliant either, but we like that everything is placed within easy reach and the steering wheel has an ergonomic design offering a confident grab.

The seats are flat and cramped, and aren’t suited for a longer journey, as after a few kilometers they’ll start to punish you with annoying back pains. It’s true that they do have a few adjustments, but they won’t be of much help.

The all around visibility is nothing short of excellent, as everywhere you look you are surrounded by glass.


2010 Aixam Mega e-Worker Exterior
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The Aixam Mega e-Worker is offered with a choice of three battery packs which consists of 36 open lead elements of 2v in series for powers of 8.6 kWh, 11.5 kWH and 17.3 kWh. The battery pack offer can run 60 km, 80 km and 110 km, respectively on a single charge and the vehicle can hit a maximum speed of up to 40 kmph.

These figures are far from being impressive, so don’t expect to any sort of sporty performances. Though, despite its relatively small power, the vehicle can deal pretty well with the city driving.

The performance benefit of having an electric motor instead of a conventional combustion engine is that full torque is near instantaneous after planting your right foot on the pedal and acceleration is sharp.

Though, despite its green character, the truck falls pretty short when it comes to practicality. Any mission longer than 40 km needs to be planned in regards to the available battery charge. It will be vital to park your Mega e-Worker within close reach of a secure 3 pin domestic plug and for drivers used to the flexibility and speed of the diesel station this could seem like a backward step.

Ride and handling

2010 Aixam Mega e-Worker Exterior
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At the front, the vehicle Aixam e-Worker is fitted with Mac Pherson-type independent shock absorbers with helical springs, while at the rear it gets double action shock absorbers with single leaf composite road spring.

Due to its utilitarian nature the truck’s ride is more on the harsh side. On the other hand the handling is pretty good, as the center of gravity is kept pretty low due to the wise emplacement of the battery pack.

The rack and pinion steering is pretty precise yet very light, making it very easy to drive on the narrow city streets.

Luckily, you won’t have major complains about the stopping power which is assured by a dual circuit system with 220 mm disks at the front and 160 mm drums at the rear with load sensing valve.


2010 Aixam Mega e-Worker Exterior
- image 458670

Overall the e-Worker is an interesting option for those looking for an environmentally vehicle that is also able to move around some load with minimum costs.

Its design is pretty modern and the load area is also fairly generous, but its small power will make it pretty sluggish and you’ll need to be a really patient man until you’ll see the job done.

On the other hand, the truck is pretty agile around the city and thanks to its tight turning circle it will be always easy to find a place to park it.

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