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In the latest years everybody has starting to talk more and more about the use of electrical vehicles on a daily basis. Until recently, the electric vehicles were designed only as small passenger cars, but thanks to the advance in technology, now we can also drive electrical vans or even trucks.

Aixam was among the first companies who focused on developing electrical vehicles and its lineup also includes the Mega Multitruck model which is a versatile light commercial vehicle that can deal with a wide range of applications.

Aixam’s Mega Multitruck was designed for those looking for a small and light truck than can serve for short delivery missions with minimum costs. The LCV is offered with both diesel and electric engines and is available in four different body styles with van, pick-up, dropside and chassis cab options.

  • 2010 Aixam Mega Multitruck
  • Year:
  • Make:
  • Horsepower @ RPM:
    15 @ 3600
  • Torque @ RPM:
    34 @ 2200
  • Top Speed:
    50 mph


2010 Aixam Mega Multitruck Exterior
- image 454940

As most electrical vehicles from today’s market, the Aixam Mega Multitruck comes with a pretty odd looking face. The short nose and the tall stance are combined with rounded corners and a fancy style looking like the toy of a 6 year old kid. At just over 2.92m in length and only 1.5m wide, the Mega has truly compact dimensions, being even smaller than the Suzuki Carry or Daihatsu Extol.

The Aixam Mega Multitruck is without a doubt an instant eye catcher as besides its strange design it also features a two tone body color which further help it to stand out from the crowd.
At the front, the vehicle gets two big circular headlights which are combined with a vertical windscreen, a raked hood and a massive bumper which underlines its utilitarian character.

To have a top notch steering and to be able to deal with the narrowest streets without problems, the front wheels are pushed making the front overhangs incredibly small.

The usual sheet metal used by the conventional LCVs was replaced with acrylic plastic bodywork, a material that is reassuringly resistant to minor scratches that could occur during harsh working conditions.

The chassis is made of full aluminum which means that it will be fully protected from rust and corrosion, hence offering a longer life expectancy.


2010 Aixam Mega Multitruck Interior
- image 454941

The compact exterior dimensions translate into a pretty cramped interior. The dashboard features a simple and basic design that tries to maximize the use of space. Needless to say, that the plastics are part of the hard class and you won’t find any soft-touch surface. The build quality however, is pretty good and the fittings look durable.

The usual center console that can be found in any vehicle was replaced with a central mounted gear knob. The audio system is placed above the gear knob while underneath it there are a few controls for different functions. Luckily everything is within easy reach and the gear knob falls easy into hand.

The seats however are cramped and you have limited head and legroom. They are offered with a few adjustments but it will be very difficult to find a comfortable driving position especially if you are the tall type.

The instrument cluster it’s also basic, but it has an intuitive layout and it’s easy to read. We also like the steering wheel which looks pretty modern and despite its relatively small dimensions, it feels great to hold and it’s not intrusive.

Equipment includes features such as 2-speed wipers, an ashtray, audio system a 3-speed heater and not much else.


2010 Aixam Mega Multitruck Exterior
- image 454942

The Aixam Mega is powered by a 600cc twin-cylinder Kubota diesel which develops only 15 hp with 34 Nm of torque. The engine is mated on a continuously variable transmission which is able to cope pretty well with the utilitarian character of the vehicle.

The battery-powered version is fitted with either 8 or 12 Absorbed Glass Mat (ABT) batteries which offer up to 40 miles between recharges, being perfectly suited for short delivery missions.

Clearly we aren’t talking about sports cars here, so don’t expect to any mind blowing or even average accelerations, as the Mega is very sluggish and doesn’t like to be hurried. However, despite its limited power is able to deal with light payloads (up to 460 kg) pretty well and can be considered a very practical ultra light commercial vehicle. The battery powered version has no gearbox and uses a centrifugal clutch to pedal itself being very easy to drive.

Aixam Mega Multitruck Technical Specifications

Engines Diesel 600 AC Power Electric
kW CEE @rpm 11,2@3 600 8 4
Nm@rpm 34@2 200 45@2000 30@2100

Ride and handling

2010 Aixam Mega Multitruck Exterior
- image 454944

The Aixam Mega Multitruck rides pretty well in town, but it’s not quite good at soaking up bumps. It also doesn’t feel very well-planted and can get skittish on bad surfaces. The rear end of the car tends to get unsettled on tighter corners and this is true under hard braking too.

Clearly, the engines aren’t suited for spirited driving, but the steering feels accurate and thanks to the short front and rear overhangs, the mini LCV feels pretty agile around the city. Needles to say that the vehicle is also very refined an you won’t be disturbed by any engine noise.


2010 Aixam Mega Multitruck Exterior
- image 454951

The Aixam Mega may not be the fastest LCV you’ll find around, but it wasn’t designed for speed. While the interior may not be exactly your first choice when it comes to space or comfort, it was designed for short delivery purposes, so you won’t spend too many miles behind the wheel.

Fortunately, the vehicle is fairly versatile and despite its limited power, you can rely on it with confidence when it comes to moving light weights around the city.

Its main advantage is the cheap cost of ownership and if you’ll opt for the all electric version you won’t spent any money on fuel.

Through, the service intervals could prove to be a problem as they are set at 3,200 miles which is pretty short. On the other hand you won’t have the occasion to do a huge mileage, so it won’t be such a big problem.

Aixam Mega Multitruck Versions

2010 Aixam Mega Multitruck Exterior
- image 454936
Aixam Mega Van
2010 Aixam Mega Multitruck Exterior
- image 454938
Aixam Mega Tipper
2010 Aixam Mega Multitruck Exterior
- image 454945
Aixam Mega Short Wheelbase
2010 Aixam Mega Multitruck Exterior
- image 454948
Aixam Mega Pick Up
2010 Aixam Mega Multitruck Exterior
- image 454949
Aixam Mega Chassis Cab
2010 Aixam Mega Multitruck Exterior
- image 454952
Aixam Mega Dropside
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