Avia isn’t as famous as other truck companies, but in fact it is among the oldest European manufacturer. Initially the company was founded in Czechoslovakia in 1919 and its main purpose was to build aircrafts. After a while, Avia has also started to build trucks. One of the most significant steps in Avia’s history was the year 1995 when it was purchased by the Koreans from Daewoo who developed the D Series models.

At the moment Avia is owned by Ashok Leyland, an Indian company which had a benefic impact for company’s trucks as it brought new technologies and facilities.

The Avia D Series includes three models namely the D75, D90 and D120 (4X4) with maximum GVW (gross vehicle weight) that can go to up to 11990 kg. All are medium duty trucks and were developed especially for urban commercial applications.

The trucks are powered by a range of Cummins ISBe4 engines which come in three power outputs developing 160, 185 hp and 207 hp.

  • 2009 Avia D Series
  • Year:
  • Make:
  • Horsepower @ RPM:
    207 @ 2300
  • Torque @ RPM:
    760 @ 1200
  • Top Speed:
    87 mph
  • Price:


2009 Avia D Series Exterior
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Compared to other trucks in the segment, the Avia D Series looks pretty good. A closer look reveals a few modern elements which show that Avia did struggled to come up with something different.

At the front we find a small “V” shaped grille with the AVIA name embossed above, and the company’s logo placed at the bottom. Continuing the dynamic design initiated by the grille, the Triangular headlights look pretty good and have the potential to stand out from the crowd. The cab is also fitted with two side air deflectors which enhance the rugged character of the truck and also increase the vehicle’s stability at high speeds.

The bumper however, looks dated and despite its curved lines it still looks pretty rudimentary.

In order to be more resistant to harsh working conditions, the all steel cabin features zinc coated metal panels and anti-corrosion protection. It also features a four point suspension and can tilt forward for easy access to the engine.


2009 Avia D Series Interior
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Access inside is made easy and you are welcomed by a spacious and airy cabin which is usually typical for this type of vehicles. Though, the Avia’s interior looks pretty strange, as the design seems like a strange mix between the European and Asian styles.

The build quality isn’t the best you’ll find around, but it can’t be categorized as being bad either. Fortunately the materials look ready to go against harsh working conditions without baking down and everything inside seems well put together. Storage is average with a deep pocket in the centre of the dash and some useable space behind the seats.

Avia’s engineers have also spent a lot of time to be sure that every control is placed within easy reach and the result won’t disappoint you in any way. The only element which is a bit strange is the gear knob, as is placed a bit higher than usual and you’ll need some time to get used to it.

The instrument cluster is laid out in the traditional way and features analogue gauges which display speed, rpm and air pressure. The gauges and indicators are fairly clear and can be read without any problems even during night trips.

The Avia D Series offers space for up to three people, but the middle passenger could feel a bit short of leg- and shoulder-room. Luckily, the other passenger and the driver won’t have any problems and are treated with proper head- and leg-room.

Thanks to the steeply arched windscreen you have a wide glass area in front of you that offers an excellent view of the road. The deep elliptical door windows are also worth to be mentioned as they permit improve the side visibility and also the interior lighting.

The Avia D Series is pretty well kitted as and offers features like digital tachograph, electrically operated rear mirrors, air suspended driver´s seat, central locking (optional), manually controlled air conditioning (optional), sun visors, preparation kit for radio/CD (loudspeakers + antenna) and cruise control.

Engines and transmissions

2009 Avia D Series Drivetrain
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The Avia D Series is powered by a range of four cylinder Cummins ISBe4.5E5-series engines which meet the latest Euro 5 emission standards. The engines come in three versions with 160, 185 and 207 hp power outputs and offer maximum torques of 602 Nm, 700 Nm and 760 Nm respectively.

To be more fuel efficient and environmentally friendly the engines use Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology with AdBlue liquid injection.

The Cummins engines have already proven their value, as they are used worldwide by a wide range of trucks and are seen as reliable and efficient units. The engines are also able de deal well with the rugged missions of the truck and can tow big payloads without too much drama.

Moreover, the truck is also fitted with a capable exhaust brake which can be controlled by a stalk mounted under the steering wheel. The engine brake offers a proper retarder power and also spares the life of the service brakes, hence reducing costs of ownership.

The engines are matted on a fully synchromesh 6 speed manual gearbox which features gear shifting by cables and is prepared for mounting PTOs to drive auxiliary power units of the superstructure.

Avia D Series Engines Specifications

Engine Hp@rpm Nm@rpm
Cummins ISBe4.5E5 160@2500 602@1200-1700
Cummins ISBe4.5E5 185@2500 700@1200-1700
Cummins ISBe4.5E5 207@2300 760@1200-1700

Ride and handling

2009 Avia D Series Exterior
- image 454870

The cab features 4 points suspensions with front mounting points on rubber bushes and rear suspension with coil springs and hydraulic shock absorbers with automatic hydraulic lock-down device. This suspension is combined with an air suspended driver’s seats which means that the ride is pretty forgivable and flexible, dealing satisfactory with road bumps. However some amount of the road noise and vibrations filters through, as the cab needed a better isolation.

All Avia D Series models are pretty nifty and feet footed due to the semi-elliptic parabolic springs and the heavy duty axles. You can also rely on the hydraulic power assisted steering with confidence, as it willingly changes direction, and also offers good straight line stability.


2009 Avia D Series Exterior
- image 454873

The Avia D Series trucks are a surprisingly good product. They have a robust build quality, generous payload capacities and are also powered by strong and reliable Cummins engines. The cabs are pretty comfortable too, as are fitted with many useful features and you have plenty of space at your disposal. Moreover, the Avia D Series is also pretty easy to drive and its handling is at par with the competition.

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