BMC is a less known Turkish truck manufacturer which was formed in 1964 in partnership with the British Motor Corporation (BMC).

At the moment, the company is focused on building medium and heavy duty trucks and its lineup of models consists of three different cab configurations.

The Low Entry Cab model was designed to cope with the needs of refuse industry and it was specially engineered to offer easy access inside and out of the cab.

The BMC Low Entry Cab model is available in 4x2 and 6x4 axle configurations with gross vehicle weights (GVW) of 18 tonnes and 26 tonnes. The truck is equipped with the Cummins ISBe Euro 4 engine which develops 285 hp.

  • 2008 BMC Professional Low Entry Cab
  • Year:
  • Make:
  • Horsepower @ RPM:
    285 @ 2500
  • Torque @ RPM:
    752 @ 1200
  • Energy:
  • Top Speed:
    62 mph


2008 BMC Professional Low Entry Cab Exterior
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The BMC Professional Low Entry Cab model features a pretty modern exterior style which was designed with functionality in mind. To make it easy to drive around the city, the truck features relatively compact dimensions and a cab forward design. Viewed from the outside the truck looks well put together without big panel gasps or poor fittings.

As the waste collectors are used mostly in urban areas, the truck had to be designed with an excellent all-around visibility; hence it was fitted with a generous all-around glass area. Starting with the big windscreen and finishing with the lateral windows every part of glass is tinted.

Surprisingly, the truck comes without a radiator grille. At the front we find only two circular headlights mounted on each corner of the cab and the company badge mounted at the bottom of the panoramic windscreen.

The truck’s turning signals are mounted high above the windscreen which makes them easy to be seen by the other vehicles from the street.

We also like how BMC’s engineers have seamlessly integrated the front three piece bumper into the rest of the design as it gives the truck a sense of unity and makes it look more solid.

For easy access to the engine or for periodic maintenance the cab tilts hydraulically to 33o degrees.


2008 BMC Professional Low Entry Cab Exterior
- image 459600

As it was expected aces inside is made fairly easy thanks to the low ground clearance and the wide opening doors.

The BMC Low Entry Cab has a 1 + 3 seating layout and offers acres of space for all its occupants. The cabin features white acrylic gloss painted steel frame and SMC composite panels for vulnerable high corrosion risk areas.

The materials and plastics aren’t something to rave about, but you won’t find better quality at any other truck in the segment either. The fittings however are a bit poor and you’ll find better quality at other models in this class.

The Recaro seats are a bit hard and flat. Instead, they do have a few adjustments but they won’t be of too much help. The steering wheel however can be adjusted for both reach and rake and offers a good and confident grip thanks to its ergonomic design.

The dashboard has an intuitive layout, but some if the controls are a bit hard to reach. On the other hand, the instrument cluster is easy to read and includes a digital tachograph, cruise control, engine tachometer, speedometer, coolant temperature gauge, fuel level gauge and an AdBlue level gauge.

On the Equipment list you’ll find features like electrically operated driver and passenger door windows, heated rear view mirrors, kerb view and forward facing mirror, interior sun visors with individual height adjustment, overhead lockers, radio CD player and speakers and air conditioning.

Engines and performance

2008 BMC Professional Low Entry Cab Exterior
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The BMC Professional Low Entry Cab model is powered by a Cummins ISLe 6.7 litres diesel unit with electronically controlled engine management system, fault diagnosis and management information access ports for vehicle diagnosis and fleet management.

The engine develops a maximum output of 285 hp @ rpm 2500 rpm and 1020Nm of torque achieved between 1200-1700 rpm.

The truck is also offered with an engine PTO (power take off) system which can power additional equipments.

The engine is bolted on an Allison World Series MD3500P, 5-speed automatic transmission with sixth gear retained for engine overspeed protection only.

BMC Professional Low Entry Cab Engines Specifications

Engine hp@rpm Nm@rpm
Cummins 285@2500 1020@1200-1700

Ride and handling

2008 BMC Professional Low Entry Cab Exterior
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AT the front the BMC truck uses Independent ZF 2 x bag air suspension with raise or lower facility and double acting shock absorbers, while at the back it gets Hendrickson HN402 rubber with 19000kg design capacity and double acting shock absorbers.

This suspension configuration is translated into a pretty forgivable ride as the shock absorbers are able to soak most of the road vibrations without too much fuss. The truck’s body roll is also pretty well kept in check.

You won’t have any major complains about the steering either, but it’s a bit too light for our tastes and could’ve come with more road feedback.

Thanks to its cab forward configuration the truck is fairly easy to be driven around the city and the overall road manners are pretty good as well.


2008 BMC Professional Low Entry Cab Exterior
- image 459601

The BMC Professional Low Entry Cab model features a pretty modern design and a solid build quality. The cab forward configuration and the responsive steering makes it easy to drive around the tight city streets and it’s also offered with two different axle configurations being able to deal with a wider range of applications.

The interior is fairly spacious but its ergonomy needed more attention and the overall comfort isn’t as refined as other trucks in the segment. The Cummins engines however are up to the task and can deal effortless with almost anything you’ll ask of them.

You’ll also like the ride quality and the handling abilities which are at par with what you’ll usually find in this segment. h3

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