The LF is the smallest truck in the manufacturer’s lineup and it is designed for the distribution market. The DAF LF is one of the most popular rigid trucks on our roads today and its main competitors are models like the Volvo FL, MAN TGL or Iveco Eurocargo.

DAF’s policy was to always put efficiency on the first place and the LF moves this heritage further being among the most efficient trucks in the 7.5-21 tonnes segment. The DAF LF is available in two cab configurations (Day Cab and Sleeper Cab) and two axle configurations (4x2 and 6x2) with wheels dimensions ranging between 17.5 inch and 22.5 inch.

  • 2009 DAF LF
  • Year:
  • Make:
  • Engine:
  • Horsepower @ RPM:
    300 @ 1900
  • Torque @ RPM:
    811 @ 1200
  • Energy:
  • Top Speed:
    77 mph


2009 DAF LF Exterior
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The DAF LF features the typical European design with cab over engine configuration. The overall look is clean and pretty simple giving the LF a sturdy appearance. The pronounced upper and lower grille features an aluminum strip which signifies the engines compliance with the Euro 5 and EEV emission standard. Compared with other trucks in the segment the LF design language looks a bit more clean and well put together and we also like the “v” shape pattern of the lower grille. The generous windscreen and the large mirrors suit perfectly with teh utilitarian nature of the truck and they offer a large field of vision.

The circular fog lamps which looked outrageously small on the bigger DAF models, cope well with the smaller LF and they manage to give the truck a touch of dynamism. However, we’re still not big fans of the thin rectangular light clusters, as we find them a bit too small compared to the rest of the body.


2009 DAF LF Interior
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Thanks to the wide opening doors you can get access inside without too many efforts. The interior has a lot in common with the other models in DAF’s lineup and this is why you’ll have the feeling that you are driving a bigger truck. The LF has been around from some years now, but the build quality and fittings were continuously improved and even if they aren’t the best in the business they are pretty durable.

The instrument panel features stylish aluminum highlights and offers good clarity, being easy to read. The main gauges offer information on primary functions while the central LCD display presents only essential vehicle information such as trip duration, fuel consumption, average speed or PTO hours.

We like the dual tones cabin and the bright colors used as they make the cabin feel airy. The dashboard however is a bit cluttered, but instead, it’s slightly angled towards the driver, thus enhancing the practicability. The rest of the handles and switches are also well positioned and we like the multifunctional steering wheel which can be adjusted for both height and angle.

Moreover, the seats can be fully adjusted according to you wishes and they are available with air suspension for optimum comfort. The driving position is high while the wide, deep windscreen and narrow pillars provide excellent visibility. The six mirror layout also provides a larger field of vision.

Needless to say, that the storage facilities abound. There is plenty of space for maps and papers in the door panels, central cup holders, flat over-dashboard storage and two compartments in the header shelf complete with nets. A cargo net is also located on the back wall. The Sleeper Cab comes with three additional storage units beneath the bed, while the header shelf also incorporates the tachograph.

The Sleeper Cab’s bunk is fitted with a full-size mattress of 2 m long, 70 cm wide and 12 cm thick, as well as blackout curtains providing a good over night comfort.

Engines and transmissions

2009 DAF LF Drivetrain
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Under the cab, the LF Series is equipped with either four- or six-cylinder PACCAR engines, which respect the Euro 5 and EEV emission standards. The 4.5 litre four cylinder PACCAR FR engine is available with an output range between 140 - 207 hp and torque levels between 550 - 760 Nm, while the 6.7 litre six cylinder PACCAR GR engine develops between 224 - 300 hp with corresponding torque range between 850 - 1,100 Nm. To offer maximum performances the maximum torque is available from as low as 1,200 rpm, resulting in greater flexibility and less gear shifting. The 6 cylinder engines feature electronically controlled high pressure common rail diesel injection in combination with SCR technology for low fuel consumption. The PACCAR engines in the LF Series come with service intervals of up to 55,000 km depending on vehicle type.

The DAF LF can be also fitted with the optional Engine idle shutdown system which prevents unnecessary running of the engine with stationary vehicle and thus waste of fuel.

The truck is equipped with standard exhaust brake and cruise control, which are easy controlled by means of the steering wheel switches.

The LF Series offers a choice of five-, six or nine-speed manual transmissions. The truck is also available with optional AS-Tronic automated six speed gearboxes and the fully automatic Allison transmission. DAF was among the first truck manufacturers who offered automatic transmission for this segment which are highly efficient and need only minor manual interventions thus keeping the driver concentrated on the road.

DAF LF Engines specifications

Engine hp@rpm Nm@rpm
4,5 liter four cylinder FR103 140@1900-2500 550@1200-1700
4,5 liter four cylinder FR118 160@1900-2500 600@1200-1800
4,5 liter four cylinder FR136 185@2000-2500 700@1200-1800
4,5 liter four cylinder FR152 207@2100-2300 760@1400-1800
6,7 litre six-cylinder GR165 224@1900-2500 850@1200-1700
6,7 litre six-cylinder GR184 250@1900-2500 950@1200-1700
4,5 litre four-cylinder FR136 185@2000-2500 700@1200-1800
4,5 litre four-cylinder FR152 207@2100-2300 760@1400-1800
6,7 litre six-cylinder GR165 224@1900-2500 850@1200-1700
6,7 litre six-cylinder GR184 250@1900-2500 950@1200-1700
6,7 litre six-cylinder GR210 286@2100-2500 1020@1200-1800
6,7 litre six-cylinder GR220 300@1900-2500 1100@1200-1900
6,7 litre six-cylinder GR165 224@1900-2500 850@1200-1700
6,7 litre six-cylinder GR184 250@1900-2500 950@1200-1700
6,7 litre six-cylinder GR220 300@1900-2500 1100@1200-1900

Ride and suspensions

2009 DAF LF Exterior
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The DAF can be fitted with either parabolic springs or electronically controlled air suspension. Moreover the it is also available with asymmetric leaf springs for applications requiring a short rear overhang. The top leaf of the parabolic spring is used only when there is put enough weight on the chassis to compress the main spring thus stiffening the suspension only when it is needed. This type of suspension is usually used on tipper model as they ride either full loaded or empty.

The stopping power is assured by all round ventilated disc brakes which are combined with the engine brake to reduce brake pad wear. For enhanced safety the brakes also come with standard ASR and ABS systems.

The chassis payload of the DAF LF varies from 4.0 tonnes with a GVM of 7.5 tonnes on the lightest LF45, to 13 tonnes on the 18 tonnes version of the LF55. There is also available an LF55 model with steered trailing axle which combines a payload of around 15.5 tonnes with maximum maneuverability.

The truck’s steering does a good job in most of the situations, delivering graduated feel and also requiring only minimum corrections on the straight road. The truck’s handling is also enhanced by the tight turning circle which offers a good maneuverability around city.


2009 DAF LF High Resolution Exterior
- image 443039

The LF has anything it needs to make a compelling case for itself. It has an ergonomic cabin, low maintenance costs and a wide range of chassis and engines. Even if the truck is not as reliable as other models it the segment, it still offers good value for money and thanks to its versatility it is perfectly fitted for a wide range of duties. Moreover, its lightweight chassis can carry massive loads without problems and the suspensions are also from the heavy duty realm thus you can rely on them with confidence.

Video: DAF PACCAR engines

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