Dennis Eagle is a British manufacturer of medium duty commercial vehicles specialized in refuse trucks chassis and bodies. The company uses a single type of steel cabin which is combined with different bodies. The company uses the Elite 2 chassis which is a highly versatile product that is able to cope with a wide range of operations. The Elite 2 chassis is compatible with both Dennis Eagle body range and those manufactured by other refuse collection vehicle body suppliers.

The main advantage of the Elite 2 chassis is that it offers the lowest cab entry from the market. The Dennis Eagle trucks are available with 4x2, 6x2 and 8x4 configurations and are equipped with Euro 5 diesel engines supplied by Volvo and Cummins.


Dennis Eagle Elite 2 Exterior
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The Dennis Eagle’s cab design is pretty rudimentary, but it perfectly suits the utilitarian character of truck. The company’s engineers have paid maximum attention to the practicality aspect and have equipped the cab with wide opening doors which are combined with a very low entry to facilitate access inside.

This low entry concept was introduced as a response to the rising demand for a walk through low-step cab which eliminates the need to climb up and down from the traditional ‘day’ cabs.

The trucks feature a huge panoramic windshield which is among the biggest units you’ll find in the business and offers an excellent view of the road.

Besides the wide range of axle configurations, the Dennis Eagle trucks are also offered with Mid Lift, Mid Steer and Rear Steer chassis with GVW’s (gross vehicle weights) ranging from 18 tonnes to 26 tonnes which can be further adapted depending on the applications.

There are two chassis widths available including 2250mm in Narrow Track or 2550mm in Wide Track form, with wheelbases from 3250mm through to 6200mm.


Dennis Eagle Elite 2 Interior
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Access inside is made fairly easy due to its low entry cab. Once inside you are welcomed by a fairly spacious environment with acres of head and shoulder room.

The interior design was build with functionality in mind and the dashboard is slightly arched and houses all the main controls which give you full access to the vehicle. The materials were chosen firstly for their durability which means that most of them are rock hard. The good part is that the fittings are pretty solid and look lasting, being able to go head to head with arduous working conditions without backing down.

The instrument cluster incorporates clearly laid out indicators and also an integrated CANbus display monitor. The ergonomic dashboard is fitted with practical rocker switches that have been banked for clarity and ease of operation.

The truck is fitted with a standard air suspended driver seats which is pretty comfortable and is offered with a few adjustments which to permit you to find a proper driving position. The steering column also features a new toggle clamp that supports its weight during adjustment.

As it was expected, the outside visibility is nothing short of excellent as you are surrounded by a generous glass area.

Both doors feature storage place for bottles or various documents and there are also a few other storage places spread around the cabin.

Engines and performance

Dennis Eagle Elite 2 Exterior
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Under the cab, the Dennis Eagle trucks are equipped with Volvo’s D7E 7 litre in-line six diesel unit. The Volvo engine is develops 260 hp, 300 hp and 340 hp with 1010 Nm, 1153 Nm and 1306 of torque, respectively. There is also available a Cummins ISLe engine which develops 320 hp with 1350 Nm of torque.

All engines deliver a massive amount of torque and they also pretty smooth and efficient being among the best units available on the market.

To meet the latest requirements of the Euro 5 emission standards, the D7E engine uses SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) after-treatment technology.

This technology works by reducing the nitrogen oxide using an additive called AdBlue, which is injected into the exhaust gases prior to entering the catalytic converter. This technology was selected because it doesn’t affect the engine power in any way.

Denis Eagle Engines Specifications

Engine hp Nm@rpm
D7E 260 1100@1200-1800
D7E 300 1153@1200-1800
D7E 340 1306@1200-1800
Cummins ISLe 320 1350@1200-1800

Ride and handling

Dennis Eagle Elite 2 Exterior
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The truck uses leaf parabolic springs complete with air assist and telescoping dampers which offer a pretty forgivable ride at both low and high speeds.

Thanks to its cab-over configuration and to the push forward front axle, the truck is fairly easy to be driven around town and can be considered even agile.

The steering is also pretty light and perfectly suits the utilitarian character of the truck offering a tight turning circle and a precise feel.

The stopping power is assured by all around disc brakes which are combined with ABS (anti lock breaking system) and ASR.


Dennis Eagle Elite 2 Exterior
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The Dennis Eagle Elite 2 chassis was designed from the ground up to meet the special needs of the refuse industry and it shows. Its low cab entry step arrangement significantly reduces the effort associated with entering and exiting the cab and also enhances the safety.

The cab is also pretty spacious and it’s equipped with large glass areas and huge mirrors offering a superb view of the road. The Cummins and Volvo engines are also up the task and their high performances and efficiency puts them among the best units in the segment.

You’ll also like the handling abilities and even if the steering is a bit light it offers a proper response and helps you drive the truck pretty easy around the city.

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