The Ford LCF was especially designed to deal with short urban transportations and is offered with a cab over engine configuration which helps it to cope great with the city traffic. The vehicle has been developed as part of the Blue Diamond joint venture and is assembled in Mexico at the joint venture’s Escobedo facility.

The Ford LCF is sold together with the F- Series and E-Series being part of the company’s lineup of commercial vehicles.

The low cab forward LCF also permits you to attach different units for specialized applications such as landscaping, towing and construction.

After it was launched in 2006 as a totally fresh model, the Ford LCF received a few modifications in 2007 when Ford has improved the driver comfort and the ride quality.

The Ford LCF is available with four gross vehicle weight ratings (GVWR) namely 15,000, 16,000, 17,999 and 19,500 pounds.

  • 2006 Ford LCF
  • Year:
  • Make:
  • Horsepower @ RPM:
    200 @ 2700
  • Torque @ RPM:
    440 @ 1800
  • Energy:
  • Top Speed:
    87 mph


2006 Ford LCF Exterior
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Due to its cab over engine configuration, the Ford LCV looks like a typical European light duty truck. Though, despite being launched back in 2006, the truck doesn’t show its age and looks pretty modern.

The front features a modern grille which is nicely integrated into the front fascia and it’s also available with an optional chromed treatment helping the truck to stand out from the crowd.

The radiator grille is flanked by two big headlights which give the truck a touch of dynamism. There is also a thin crease that runs along the sides and continues to form a straight line above the headlights.

As most of the vehicles in this class, the Ford LCF has also received a huge panoramic windscreen and generous lateral windows.

The bumper is relatively thin, but it has a solid build quality and can deal with small impacts without having too much to suffer.

The Ford LCF is offered with four axle-to-frame, five cab-to-axle, and five wheelbase lengths. The range of Ford LCF configurations includes multilength van and dump truck units, stake trucks, tow trucks and utility vehicles.


2006 Ford LCF Interior
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You can hop inside without any struggles as the truck has a pretty low ground clearance. The interior design it’s pretty simple and betrays the utilitarian character of the Ford LCF.

Needless to say that style was sacrificed for functionality, but leaving apart the dull design, the Ford LCF’s interior is pretty practical. The overall ergonomy is also good and despite the flat seats you’ll feel pretty comfortable behind the steering wheel.

The seats also come with a wide range of adjustments which will help you find your favorite driving position pretty fast. The Ford LCF offers space for up to three people and none of them will complain about shoulder or leg-room.

The steering wheel offers a good grab and can be adjusted for both reach and rake further improving the interior comfort.

The instrument cluster is more on the basic side, without having the modern layout found at other vehicles in the segment. However it hosts all the useful information including tachometer, trip odometer, fuel gauge, coolant temperature gauge and different indicator lights.

Ford was always generous when it comes to storage places and the LCF makes no exception. Take a fast look around the cab and you’ll see 2 cup holders integrated into the instrument panel, overhead storage and twin glove boxes.

The equipment includes features like power door locks, power windows, audio system and air conditioning.

Engines and performance

2006 Ford LCF Exterior
- image 457920

Power comes from a V-6 diesel engine which churns out 200 hp and 440 pound feet of torque. The engine has a 4.5 liter displacement and is combined with Ford’s TorqShift five speed electronic automatic transmissions.

The Ford LCF is also equipped with a tow haul mode which improves the truck’s ability to tow big loads up and down steep grades. The system works by automatically adjusting the shift points to keep the engine to its maximum power range with minimum gear changes. When you have to deal with downhill driving you’ll only need to slightly tap the brakes and the transmission automatically downshifts helping you to keep the vehicle permanently in check. Moreover, the Ford LCF can be also equipped with an optional PTO (power take off) system.

Ford LCF Engines Specifications

Engine Hp@rpm lb.ft@rpm
4.5 liter 200 @ 2700 440 @ 1800

Ride and handling

2006 Ford LCF Exterior
- image 457922

The Ford LCF frame is among the strongest standard units in its class and features cross members joined with Huck bolts for maximum strength.

The truck uses leaf springs suspensions combined with hydraulic shock absorbers for a better comfort. Though don’t expect to a very good ride, as the truck is unable to soak the biggest road bumps without sending them into the cab.

On the other hand the body roll is kept in check pretty good and the truck has good road manners. Driving around the city it’s a joy as the engine is able to deal effortless with the traffic and the capable steering will reward you with a sharp response and a nice balance.


2006 Ford LCF Exterior
- image 457923

Ford’s strategy to extend in the light commercial vehicles segment is welcomed as their LCF is a pretty capable truck which can deal without problems with any payloads you’ll throw at it.

The cabin is also fairly spacious and has a good overall ergonomy and even if it comes a bit poor in the equipment department it’s pretty practical and copes great with the utilitarian character of the vehicle.

The engine is also fairly good and it’s assisted by a host of useful systems which will make your work easier. The ride and handling are at par with what you’ll usually get in the segment and the truck is also fairly easy to be driven around the city.

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