International PayStar is a sever duty truck built by Navistar and it can be used for a wide range of applications such as heavy hauling, construction or water plowing. The truck is one of the toughest models build by the company and its versatile character is enhanced by a long list of engine options, axles, frame rails and wheelbases. For enhanced flexibility the truck is also available with multiple set-forward and set-back axle configurations which can be choose according to specific needs for different weight distributions.

With gross vehicle weight ratings between 52,350 – 80,000 lbs. and a solid chassis, the International Paystar looks like it was born to attack the toughest challenges with poise.

  • 2009 International PayStar
  • Year:
  • Make:
  • Horsepower @ RPM:
    550 @ 1600
  • Torque @ RPM:
    1850 @ 1000
  • Energy:
  • Top Speed:
    78 mph
  • Price:


2009 International PayStar Exterior
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The International Paystar’s design is as rugged as it can be. The truck’s style uses a utilitarian approach with squared shapes and straight lines which make it look manly and solid. As most trucks in its segment, the Paystar also features a conventional cab configuration with a long hood and oversized wheel arches.

For those who believe that it ain’t a mean looking truck if it doesn’t have that chrome, International also offers a shiny treatment for its massive grille, to be sure that its truck will get the kind of attention it deserves.

The rectangular grille copes well with the gargantuan size of the truck and is traversed by a few vertical bars which make it look even more imposing. It also bares the company’s diamond logo on top, but it looks like a poorly placed afterthought and almost ruins the whole thing.

We like the big wheel arches, as they gel seamlessly with the long nose and the huge wheels. The bonnet is slightly raked to improve the truck’s aerodynamics while the big curved windshield also serves to the same purpose.

The rugged character of the vehicle is further enhanced by the rectangular headlights which cope great with the utilitarian nature of the Paystar and are covered with high resistant lenses for enhanced protection against rocks or gravel.

In order to last longer the cabin is made of high-strength aluminum and it also comes with the “Whisper Cab” sound insulation package for enhanced comfort.

To be able to cope with a wide range of vocational applications the truck is available with single or double frame rail offerings including single 10.25", double 10.125", single 12.25" and double 12.25" units.


2009 International PayStar Exterior
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The International Paystar cab is the biggest in its class (70 inch from door to door), so space is far from being a problem. Access inside isn’t a very easy task as the truck’s ground clearance is pretty high, but the steps pretty ergonomically placed and the grab handles will also help you climb all the way up in full safety.

Judging by today’s standards, the overall design is a bit dated. On the other hand, the materials seem well chosen and perfectly suit the hard worker character of the vehicle. The fittings are also pretty good and seem durable.

We don’t have any big complains about the overall ergonomy either, as the wraparound dashboard is pretty convenient. However most of the controls and switches are located a too far from the driver and you have to really do some serious stretching if you want to reach them.

All the basic information needed can be found on the useful instrument cluster that stays right in front of the driver. The main gauges are big and clear, while the smaller gauges can be also read without too much struggles.

The steering wheel design is a bit dated, but instead is fairly easy to hold and comes with tilt and telescoping adjustments to enhance the driver’s comfort. Even if the seats can be adjusted in many ways they are a bit uncomfortable and needed better side bolstering.

Storage places are ok and you’ll find enough cubby holes, consoles and cup holders to keep you satisfied even on a longer journey.

As all International’s trucks, the PayStar is also equipped with the Diamond Logic electrical system which brings the flexibility and convenience of advanced electronics to the truck electrical system.

Engines and transmissions

2009 International PayStar Exterior
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Under the hood, the International PayStar can be equipped with MaxxForce 11, MaxxFrce 13 or MaxxForce 15 engines. All three engines can be combined with either manual Eaton Fuller gearboxes or Allison automatic transmissions.

The MaxxForce engines feature a high-pressure common-rail fuel system, dual wastegated sequential turbos, heatmanagement system and low-friction design which improve the low end torque and fuel consumption.

Thanks to these features, the peak torque can be achieved from as low as 1,000 rpm and holds steady up to 1,400 rpm. The engines are also built on a block of compacted graphite iron which is lightweight, strong and more durable than the conventional units. All MaxxForce engines also feature the Advanced EGR system which is the only no-hassle solution to EPA’s 2010 emission standards.

The MaxxForce units are also combined with a capable Jacobs engine brakes and front or rear PTOs (power take off).

International Paystar Engines Specifications

MaxxForce 11 330 @1700 1250 @1000
MaxxForce 11 365@1700 1250 @1000
MaxxForce 11 370 @1700 1350 @1000
MaxxForce 11 390@1700 1450 @1000
MaxxForce 13 410 @1700 1450 @1000
MaxxForce 13 430 @1700 1550 @1000
MaxxForce 13 430 @1700 1550@1000
MaxxForce 13 450 @1700 1700 @1000
MaxxForce 13 450 @1700 1550@1000
MaxxForce 13 475 @1700 1700 @1000
MaxxForce 13 500 @1700 1700 @1000
MaxxForce 15 435 @ 1600 1550@ 1000
MaxxForce 15 450 @ 1600 1550 @ 1000
MaxxForce 15 450 @ 1600 1550@ 1000
MaxxForce 15 450 @ 1600 1750 @ 1000
MaxxForce 15 500 @ 1600 1650 @ 1000
MaxxForce 15 500 @ 1600 1650@ 1000
MaxxForce 15 500 @ 1600 1850 @ 1000
MaxxForce 15 550 @ 1600 1850 @ 1000

Ride and suspensions

2009 International PayStar Exterior
- image 448173

The truck is offered with extra-strong frame-rail, 5-piece cross-member system and Huck-bolted chassis components which gives it the tough character of true workhorse. For maximum versatility the International Paystar is also available with a variety of set-back and set-forward axle models.

The front suspensions come with either spring parabolic taper Leaf (12,000 – 20,000 lbs) or two stage multileaf (20,000 – 22,000 lbs) configurations, while at the back the International is available with Hendrickson (40,000 – 65,000 lbs) or Chalmers (40,000 – 50,000 lbs) suspensions.

As it was expected, the ride is bumpy and the suspensions transmit every vshock into the cabin. Unfortunately, the air suspended seats aren’t up to the task either and once you’ll go off road, the ride becomes a very unsettled “affair”.
On the other hand, the steering is a bit better, being light at low speeds and gaining weight at high speeds hence offering an adequate maneuverability.


2009 International PayStar Exterior
- image 448160

The International Paystar has a strong frame and a versatile character. The exterior design is also rugged and copes well with the utilitarian nature of the truck, and we also like the anticorrosive aluminum cab. The engines are fairly strong and up to the task, while the transmissions can deal with the utilitarian nature of the track pretty well.

On the other hand, the cab’s ergonomy could’ve been better and the seats and ride aren’t something to rave about either. International’s reliability is also doubtful and many truckers have complained about it.

International PayStar Applications

2009 International PayStar Exterior
- image 448162
International PayStar Utility
2009 International PayStar Exterior
- image 448163
International PayStar Concrete Mixer
2009 International PayStar Exterior
- image 448167
International PayStar Dump
2009 International PayStar Exterior
- image 448165
International PayStar Tanker
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