Isuzu has launched its new Reach in 2011. The vehicle is a walk-in commercial truck build on the NPR Eco Max chassis and designed in partnership with Utilimaster.

The Isuzu Reach offers the functionality of a truck combined with the ergonomy of a cargo van. Power comes from a 3.0 liter engine which consumes 35 % less fuel than a conventional van.

The Isuzu Reach was built using many composite materials which provide a 700-pound weight saving compared to traditional aluminum and steel materials.

The vehicle is offered in a 151 inch wheelbase and two body lengths (12 and 14 feet). The cargo area can swallow 540 or 630 cubic feet of storage, depending on the body length.

  • 2011 Isuzu Reach
  • Year:
  • Horsepower @ RPM:
    150 @ 2800
  • Torque @ RPM:
    282 @ 1600
  • Top Speed:
    75 mph


2011 Isuzu Reach Exterior
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Viewed from outside, the Isuzu Reach features a pretty dull design with a lot of straight lines and clean body panels. The front comes with a pretty simple radiator grille which is flanked by two square headlights.

The hood features two shy creases that converge toward the grille and add a dose of dynamism to an otherwise pretty robust style. The bumper is simple, yet elegant and it’s fitted with two circular turning lights. The windscreen is huge and the A pillars are blacked out making the truck look pretty modern.

The main advantage offered by the new Isuzu Reach is its flexible interior design. The versatile load area can be tailored to various needs through a variety of vocational packages.

The numerous integrated vocational modules are engineered for quick and easy installation without drilling or additional body modifications.

The vehicle is equipped with an innovative cab sliding door which requires less time to exit and enter the cargo area than vans with conventional hinged front doors. Thanks to this walk-through design there is no need for the driver to exit the vehicle, walk around the vehicle, then re-enter through the side or rear doors.

The company says that all of the Reach’s body panels, including its rear doors, are made of durable composite materials that are corrosion resistant.


2011 Isuzu Reach Exterior
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Access inside is made fairly easy thanks to the low step in, the sliding side doors and the convenient frame rails. Once inside there is enough space to permit you to stand up straight. To maximize the use of space, Isuzu has ditched the conventional passenger seat and the cab was left only with an air suspended driver’s seat. Though, there is offered a standard passenger folding seat which can be used if needed.

The Reach driver’s seat, it’s pretty ergonomically designed and also comes with an integrated armrest and a series of useful controls which will permit you get cozy behind the steering wheel. Though it’s a bit flat for our tastes and could’ve come with better side bolstering for extra lateral support.

The cabin has a nice airy feel, thanks to the huge, panoramic windscreen and the interior lightning is assured by efficient LEDs.

The Reach’s dashboard features a utilitarian design, but is well organized and every control is placed within easy reach. We also like the dash mounted gear knob which is fairly easy to use.

The cab comes with a standard radio CD and MP3 player and an optional rear view camera with overhead monitor to help you during reverse maneuvers.

Engines and performance

2011 Isuzu Reach Exterior
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Under the hood of the Isuzu Reach sits a 3.0 liter turbocharged four cylinder diesel engine. The unit comes with dual overhead camshafts to eliminate push rods and to minimize power-robbing friction. The engine is also fitted with a cast-aluminum cylinder head to reduce weight.

The vehicle is equipped with a modern double overdrive 6 speed transmission which reduces fuel consumption and engine noise at highway speeds. It also comes with an automatic lock-up torque converter in second through sixth gears to reduce engine heat.

The 3.0 liter diesel is one of the most efficient units available in the segment and luckily, its efficiency doesn’t affect the power output as the vehicle can deal great with its commercial applications and heavy weights transport. Maximum power output is rated at 150 hp at 2800 rpm and 282 lb.ft of torque achieved between 1600 and 2800 rpm.

Isuzu Reach Engines specifications

Engines hp @ rpm lb.ft @rpm
3.0 liter 150 @ 2800 282 @ 1600 - 2800

Ride and handling

2011 Isuzu Reach Exterior
- image 469069

The Isuzu Reache’s front suspension is tapered, while at the back there is a multi-leaf setup. As it was expected, the suspension was tuned to be able to deal with heavy weights, so the ride quality had to be sacrificed.

The steering however is pretty responsive and offers a decent road feedback, while the tight turning radius is rated at only 46 ft, which permits you maneuver this big van around without too much drama. Though don’t expect to too much agility, as the Isuzu Reach can’t be compared with its smaller counterparts when it comes to maneuverability.

The stopping power is at par with what you’d usually find in the segment and is assured by discs at front and drums at the rear.


2011 Isuzu Reach Exterior
- image 469067

The Isuzu Reach represents a significant step forward in van development for Isuzu. The vehicle comes with a wide range of innovations that were designed to improve the productivity and efficiency.

The low entry cab is fairly ergonomically and offers plenty of space complete with a top notch ergonomy. We also like the sliding side doors and the innovative walk-through design. Moreover, the engine is perfectly capable of getting the job done, and it’s also pretty efficient.

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