The Iveco Cavallino is mostly sold on the South American market and was designed to deal with short or regional transportations.

The Iveco Cavallino truck is part of the heavy duty league and it features a cab over engine design. The truck is equipped with Iveco’s Cursor 8 engine combined with a 16 speed SF Over Drive transmission. The engine develops a maximum output of 320 hp and 1200 Nm of torque.

To be able to suit to a wide range of applications, the truck is offered with both day and sleeper cabs and a choice of 4x2 and 6x2 axle configurations.

  • 2004 Iveco Cavallino
  • Year:
  • Make:
  • Horsepower @ RPM:
    320 @ 2400
  • Torque @ RPM:
    885 @ 1300
  • Energy:
  • Top Speed:
    84 mph


2004 Iveco Cavallino Exterior
- image 459824

Viewed from the outside the Iveco Cavallino looks pretty rudimentary and compared to most of its rivals the Cavallino seems heavily dated.

The front features a simple radiator grille which bares the company’s logo in its center while each corner of the cab received side deflectors to improve the truck’s stability at high speeds.

The bumper continues the rudimentary design initiated by the grille and is defined by square lines and rectangular shapes. The headlights are also pretty simple and don’t do nothing to improve the overall appearance of the truck.

The good part is that the side foot steps are pretty well positioned and offer easy access into the cab. The doors come have a wide opening angle further enhancing aces inside.

The cabin has a hydraulic tipping system and opens with an angle of 60 degrees to facilitate quick access to the engine or for periodic maintenance checks.


2004 Iveco Cavallino Interior
- image 459830

Three well placed steps bring you easily onboard were you are welcomed by a high roofed cab and an impression of plenty of light and space. The combinations of blacks and subtle greys adorning the interior trim are cleverly, applied but the rectangular dashboard offers a dated look to the entire cab.

Unlike most of today’s trucks which feature a wraparound dash, the Cavallino comes with a conventional design. The overall ergonomy isn’t exactly first class, but most of the controls are placed within easy reach. On the other hand, the Iveco Cavallino falls pretty short when it comes to storage places and except for a few small consoles and cup holders you won’t find too many places to store your things safely.

The plastics are rock hard and the materials are also part of the third class. The fittings aren’t great either and the cab isn’t as refined as the other products built by Iveco. The interior switches are chunky and easy to use and despite the big panel gaps found all over the place we didn’t detect any squeak inside.

Both the driver and passenger seats are a bit hard without offering a proper back support or any kind of adequate side bolstering. At least the driver’s seat is air suspended and comes with a wide range of useful adjustments (height included) permitting you to find an adequate driving position.

Fortunately, we don’t have any complains about the steering wheel, as despite its dated look it offers a confident grab and can be adjusted for both reach and rake.

As it was expected, the high placed seats offer a commanding view of the road. The panoramic windscreen is also fairly big, while the generously sized lateral windows will keep you well informed at any time. As with all external rear view mirrors these days, there is a blind spot area to consider, but the separation gap between the main and wide angled lenses helps keep this factor to a minimum.

Engines and performance

2004 Iveco Cavallino Drivetrain
- image 459822

Under the cab, the Iveco Cavallino is equipped with the Cursor 8 diesel unit which develops a maximum power of 320 hp with a peak torque of 1200 Nm achieved at 1300 rpm.

The engine is also offered with a convenient Cruise Control or autopilot, which can be easily fired from 30 km/ h by means of a lever mounted on the wheel.

On the road, the first thing that is apparent is just how quiet the Cursor 8 engine seems when working away below. This motor is punchy too and its eager performance will keep the truck lively regardless of what load it’s carrying at the back.

The engine is combined with the 16 speed SF Over Drive transmission which is among the best transmissions you’ll find in the segment as it offers proper shifts and can deal effortless with the massive power of the engine. With motorways and dual carriageways it’s best under most situations to leave the gearbox in full auto, as the system keeps the revs cleanly within the 1,100-1,500 green zone on the counter.

Iveco Cavallino Engines Specifications

Engine hp@rpm Nm@rpm
Cursor 8 320@2400 1200@1300

Ride and handling

2004 Iveco Cavallino Exterior
- image 459827

The front axle can deal with a capacity of 6600 kg and it’s fitted with parabolic springs with rubber bushings, telescopic double acting shock absorbers and stabilizer bar. The rear axle features semielliptical leaf springs, rubber bushings, telescopic shock absorbers and double action stabilizer bar, being able to deal with a maximum capacity of 11,500 kg. The suspension is working well within its limits and is never really troubled by whatever you’ll ask of it.

Fully loaded, the Iveco Cavallino delivers competent handling which inspires adequate confidence. Though, as is usual with this type of trucks, a slight under steer is occasionally detected, but this isn’t a significant safety issue.

Even if the turning radius isn’t as tight as the newer trucks build by the company, positioning the Cavallino on narrow roads is relatively easy thanks to the light and easy action of the steering wheel.


2004 Iveco Cavallino Exterior
- image 459828

The Iveco Cavallino isn’t as refined as other trucks in the segment, but it’s a fairly strong work horse on which you can rely with confidence. The exterior design and the interior are both dated and the comfort is more on the rudimentary side. Though, the engine is fairly strong and even if it’s not as efficient as other units in this class it will do its job with dignity. The ride and handling are a half step behind of the newer trucks build by the company, but they can be considered satisfactory without any major faults to complain about.

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