The Iveco Trakker was designed especially for extreme off road and construction jobs being one of those memorable heavy duty trucks available on Today’s market. The vehicle received its latest upgrades in 2007 when the cab’s comfort was improved and the Cursor 13 engines were added.

The Trakker’s cabin is based on the Stralis and the two models share many common details including the Active Time and Active Day cab configurations. Unlike the Stralis, which was limited to a payload capacity of 44 tonns, the Trakker can carry 72 tonns and it is available in different axle configurations including 4x4, 6x4, 6x6, 8x4 rigid models, and a 6x4 tractor unit.

  • 2007 Iveco Trakker
  • Year:
  • Make:
  • Horsepower @ RPM:
    440 @ 1900
  • Torque @ RPM:
    1549 @ 900
  • Energy:
  • Displacement:
    12880 cc
  • Top Speed:
    78 mph


2007 Iveco Trakker High Resolution Exterior
- image 440711

Like the Stralis, the Trakker has the same European cab over engine configuration with a flat nose and the driver seated on top of the front axle. The front doors are located above the front tires and we like the sloped bottom line of the side windows as they enhance the visibility.

The biggest exterior modification of the new generation Trakker, can be found at the front of the truck. The “V” shaped front grille is split in two horizontal sections and bares the IVECO logo in the center, while at the bottom of the windshield is embossed the “Trakker” name. Unlike the Stralis, the Trakker has a more robust appearance thanks to the high ground clearance of 371 mm. The lower part of the body is painted in black underlining the heavy duty character of the vehicle.


2007 Iveco Trakker Interior
- image 440717

As you might expect, that 371 mm of ground clearance means entering and exiting this vehicle can be considered a small adventure. Thankfully, the Trakker was fitted with a helpful set of ergonomic steps to make ingress and egress less intimidating. However, it’s still a serious clamber up into the cabin.

Climb inside and you’ll find a lot of resemblances with the Stralis. Luckily this is not a bad thing, as we loved the ergonomy of its serene sibling. The materials and trim are robust and we also like the overall ergonomy of the cabin. Even if the Trakker doesn’t feature the practical wrap around dash of the Renault Premium, most of the controls and switches are still within easy reach. The Active Day cab is pretty roomy and there’s plenty of storage space behind both seats. There are also more cubby holes above the windscreen. Passenger room is rather extravagant, with front seat room more than ample for putting two or even three passengers up front with the optional middle seat available.

We’re also happy to find that the Trakker has also borrowed those sporty designed seats from the Stralis. They have a wide range of adjustments and offer a great support making you feel relaxed even after a full day spent behind the truck’s steering wheel. The high driving position and the flat nose gives you a great road visibility. Moreover, we also like the positioning and lens size of all the rear view and kerbside mirrors.

Compared to the old generation, the driver comfort is enhanced by improvements in the location of key controls: decompression engine brake, hydraulic retarder, radio, cruise control can all be operated without taking the hands off the steering wheel. Also the EuroTronic gearbox selector is mounted on the steering column.

Engines and performance

2007 Iveco Trakker Exterior
- image 440714

The Iveco Trakker is equipped with Cursor 13 engines that respect either Euro 4 or Euro 5 norms. The engines have a power range between 380 – 440 hp and all versions are equipped with the Cursor decompression engine brake.

The transmission line up for new Trakker includes the 12 speed EuroTronic 2 automated transmission with steering column mounted gear change controls and the manual ZF Ecosplit 16 speed transmissions with servoshift.

Thanks to a few well chosen tweaks, the Cursor engines are able to develop maximum power and torque over a wide range of speeds. The variable geometry turbocharger offers plenty of torque available at low rpms, hence the truck has excellent towing abilities. Moreover, the rated engine power occurs well before the rated engine speed and is maintained up to the rated engine speed. This provides excellent truck performance characteristics allowing gear up-shifting to be made with the engine capable of still developing its maximum power.

The automated transmission is a well proven and highly tested unit. You won’t have any complains about it as it offers a sharp response and well chosen gear changes. Moreover, you’ll be happy to notice, that there isn’t required any manual intervention and the gearbox does its job in a brilliant manner. The perfectly choose momentums can deal great with steep climbs and hills, even when truck is fully loaded.

Moreover, in manual mode, the steering column mounted gear change levers mean that gear changing is effected without the drivers hands leaving the steering wheel, a neat trick made in the name of safety.

Engines specifications

Engine cc hp @ rpm Nm @rpm
CURSOR 13 12880 cc 380@1900 1800@ 900 -1500
CURSOR 13 12880 cc 420@1900 2100@ 900 - 1500
CURSOR 13 12880 cc 440@ 1900 2100@ 900 -1470

Ride and handling

2007 Iveco Trakker Exterior
- image 440721

Steel parabolic and multileaf road springs are carry over as is the light duty on/off road air suspension used on 6x4 and 8x4 models. A new air suspension system for heavier duty off road applications is also available in combination with the Iveco hub-reduction axle bogie for 6x4 and 8x4 applications. Suspension anti-roll stabilisers are available to suit a wide range of centre of mass heights to ensure a high degree of vehicle stability even for arduous off-road conditions.

Thanks to these configurations, which are derived from on road vehicles, the Trakker’s ride is pretty good and absorbs most of the bumps without too much drama. Moreover, a pneumatic suspension is also available for the long-cab AT tractors.

The cab over axle configuration gives it a great steering which moves those big wheels almost effortless and also gives you a decent road feedback. It’s worth to be mentioned that the power assisted steering has a great lock for a rigid truck.

We also like the sound isolation is satisfactory for a construction tipper. We even dare to say that from this point of view, the cabin can be considered comfortable. These aspect are very important as after a long day of work you won’t feel like the truck rolled over your head all day long.

Talking about the brakes, the Trakker’s left hand pedal bites with poise and has a short travel, quickly engaging those capable all round 436mm ventilated discs.


The previous generation Trakker was already a reliable and heavy duty truck, but the new model moves this heritage further with a lot of useful upgrades. Even if it’s not at the same level with Mercedes or Renault, the Italian truck is not far behind and is still solidly built while its robust chassis and suspension are able to go head to head with the most demanding conditions.

The Trakker range is also very wide and will be easy to find a vehicle that is the best suited for your needs. Moreover, the Cursor range of engines are among the most efficient units in the segment, and this is one of the most important strengths of the Trakker as the construction companies often have to transport large quantities of materials and this can be an economical nightmare.

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