The Eurocargo covers a wide segment which ranges between 6 -19 t. The first Eurocargo model was launched in 1991 and since then it was continuously improved. The range received its latest technical and design upgrades in 2008.

Starting from a maximum authorized mass of 6.0 t, new Eurocargo is available with a choice of either the MLC day cab or the MLL sleeper cab in truck and tipper chassis. At 7.5t drawbar trucks and tippers become available while at 8.0t the MLD crew cab becomes available. The 4x4 Iveco Eurocargo comes with maximum permitted masses of 11.5t and 15.0t, both equipped with either MLC or MLL cabs.

  • 2008 Iveco Eurocargo
  • Year:
  • Make:
  • Horsepower @ RPM:
    299 @ 1850
  • Torque @ RPM:
    1050 @ 1250
  • Energy:
  • Top Speed:
    75 mph


2008 Iveco Eurocargo High Resolution Exterior
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The Euro cargo has the classical cab over engine configuration. The truck features the latest design language developed by Iveco Centro Style and shares the same front grill that can be found at the new Stralis and Trakker models. Compared to the previous generation, the plastic bumper was totally redesigned and now it is also available in body colour. Moreover, the truck can be equipped with an dark grey optional steel bumper which will prove useful especially for tipper models or when the vehicle has to do arduous duties. On the sides of the sleeper cab you can also find two new large storage boxes which enhance the truck’s versatility. External access is made by electrically operated door locks with internal access beneath the driver’s rest bunk.


2008 Iveco Eurocargo Interior
- image 442618

Inside the truck received a new dashboard which houses the new Iveco navigation system. The instruments location was also changed and now puts more accents on practicability. The dashboard design looks pretty good and we also like the bigger air vents which cope well with the rest of the cabin. However, the build quality is inferior to other vehicles in the segment and the materials are also rock-hard.

The central stack is fitted with the parking brake control, differential lock controls and the 24/12v power convertor. There are also steering column stalks which can control a wide range of functions including automated manual gear shifting and cruise control, with just two stalks.

Compared to the previous model, the new Eurocargo steering wheel is slightly larger and has 470mm in diameter. Despite its bigger dimensions however, it offers a good hold and can also be is fully adjustable according to your needs.

The old generation door pockets were a bit small and uncomfortable to use. Luckily, Iveco paid attention to this aspect and has totally redesigned the door panels which now incorporate bigger storage places, power window switches and the exterior mirror controls.

We’ve always loved the Iveco seats and the Eurocargo makes no exception. The driver’s seat and the passenger seat, incorporate integral inertia reel seat belts and head restraints and are also available with optional pneumatic suspension. Needless to say, that both seats offer a pleasant and comfortable ride, while the road visibility is also good and the side mirrors cover most of the blind spots.

The MLC and MLD cabs feature a standard dual passenger bench seat wrapped in dark grey fabric. Even if it’s not the biggest unit available in the segment it’s still pretty useful and does its job with dignity. Sadly, you’ll be surprised to see that the storage places aren’t as many as you’ve probably expected and most of the Eurocargo’s rivals stay much better at this chapter.

Engines and transmissions

2008 Iveco Eurocargo High Resolution Exterior
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The new generation Eurocargo retains the tried and tested Tector engine range. 4 cylinder 3.9 litre versions have power ratings of 140hp, 160hp and 182hp and 6 cylinder 5.9 litre versions are available at power ratings of 217hp, 251hp, 279hp and 299hp. All versions are compliant to the Euro 5 emission requirements and offer maximum performances and low running costs.

One of the most popular engines choice is the 3.92 litre 160 hp model with a maximum torque of 530 Nm achieved between a relatively wide range of 1,200 and 2,100rpm. The engine is pretty lively and even with the truck loaded at full capacity is still able to leave behind other commercial truck on the shallower climbs. Another advantage of the four cylinder Tector is its small dimensions which permits you to have a good access to any part of the unit. Moreover all Eurocargo engines are fitted with a standard engine immobiliser which offers additional reassurance in the security department.

The Iveco Eurocargo is available with a wide range of transmissions. Besides the old ZF 5 speed transmission, the new Eurocargo range, is also available with the ZF 6 and 9 speed transmissions, all equipped with the ZF Servoshift assistance system. The ZF 6 speed versions are also available as Eurotronic, a fully automated transmission and clutch operating system.

Allison 5 speed fully automatic hydrodynamic transmissions are available across the model range starting from 7.5t models. Moreover, the Allison S3000 automatic transmissions have a hydraulic retarder optionally available.

All Iveco’s transmissions are a good road partner and reward you with capable performances. The Eurocargo’s progress through the gearbox is deliberate, smooth and well timed. The downshifts are also well chosen and you won’t have any problems in dealing with road slopes.

Engines specifications

Engine hp@rpm Nm@rpm
Tector 4 – 140 140@2100 – 2700 465@1200 – 2100
Tector 4 – 160 160@2100 – 2700 535@1200 – 2100
Tector 4 – 180 182@2100 – 2700 610@1300 – 2100
Tector 6 – 220 217@2250 – 2700 680@1200 – 2250
Tector 6 – 250 252@2280 – 2700 850@1250 – 2280
Tector 6 – 280 279@2050 – 2500 950@1250 – 2050
Tector 6 – 300 299@1850 – 2500 1050@1250 – 1900

Ride and Suspensions

2008 Iveco Eurocargo High Resolution Exterior
- image 442616

The Iveco Eurocargo is fitted with parabolic leaf suspension for the front and rear axles . Heavier duty multi-leaf suspensions are also available and feature increased capacity parabolic leaf suspension available on 15t and 16t models. Pneumatic rear suspension is available on all 4x2 models with the addition of front axle pneumatic suspension on 8t to 15t models. 6t to14t models use 2 air springs for the pneumatic rear suspension and 15t to 19t models use 4 air springs.

As the chassis length is very important in this segment, the Eurocargo comes in a wide range of dimensions including wheelbase measurements from 3,105 to 6,570mm.

The ride quality is great and the handling is also well balanced. Even the models that come without pneumatic suspensions are able to soak every bump without too much drama. You’ll also like the truck’s manners on the narrow road sections as the power assisted steering is well set up and you need to make only minimal correction to keep it on a straight line.

All models with 180hp are fitted with an engine exhaust brake as standard while for the 140hp and 160hp version this feature is optionally available. The engine brake can be engaged using the right hand steering column mounted stalk and you won’t have any complains about it as it’s able to slow down the truck in any downhill situation without needing to use the service brakes.

When necessary, there are also 330mm ventilated brake discs all round, which can keep the truck in check without problems. You’ll also like the short-traveling braking pedal as it offers a good “bite” and a proper response. The service brake system includes the Anti Lock Braking (ABS) system, Hill Holder and Anti Slip Regulation (ASR). Electronic Stability Programme (ESP) is also available providing selective wheel braking to ensure directional control and anti roll-over control.


2008 Iveco Eurocargo High Resolution Exterior
- image 442628

The new Eurocargo medium truck range offers maximum adaptability for a wide range of missions. Thanks to the Eurocargo, Iveco has another winner in its hands which is backed up by a wide dealer network, minimum service intervals and low maintenance costs.

The cabin is also pretty comfortable and copes well with a trucker needs, while the wide range of chassis, engines and transmissions permit you to choose the perfect model for your every application.

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