The Powerstar is the only truck built by Iveco that features a conventional cab configuration. Built especially for heavy duty applications, the truck is offered with a wide range of strong Cursor and Cummins ISX engines which cope great with its utilitarian nature. The engines develop between 450 -560 hp and are mated on a EuroTronic II electronically automated transmission which offers maximum efficiency and easy drivability.

The Iveco Powerstar is available in 6x4 single cab Active Day and as a low-roof or medium-roof Active Time sleeper cab. Thanks to its powerful engines and the strong build quality, the truck’s GCM (gross combination mass) can go up to 90 tones.

  • 2010 Iveco Powerstar
  • Year:
  • Make:
  • Horsepower @ RPM:
    560 @ 1400
  • Torque @ RPM:
    1840 @ 1000
  • Energy:
  • Top Speed:
    84 mph


2010 Iveco Powerstar Exterior
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The Iveco Powerstar is has a pretty imposing appearance thanks to its typically American cab-over-engine configuration. The truck’s bold look is combined with a pretty attractive sheet metal which was designed to offer a low drag coefficient.

The long nose is dominated by a huge radiator grille which bares the company’s logo in its center. For extra ventilation, the bonnet is fitted with two additional side air intakes which look pretty good and give the truck a touch of dynamism.

In order to enhance the rugged character of the vehicle, the front light clusters were left pretty simple with a basic rectangular design. The oversized wheel arches follow the same angle as the raked bonnet, further improving the truck’s aerodynamics.

The bumper has a nice rounded design which gels well with the rest of the cab and is fitted with two thin air intakes and twin fog lights.

At the back there is a massive vertical exhaust stalk which is as an additional statement for the rugged nature of the vehicle.


2010 Iveco Powerstar Interior
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Climb up using the ergonomically placed handles and once you step inside you’ll find a 2.3-metre cab with a flat floor allowing easy access everywhere. Despite its utilitarian character, Iveco engineers worked hard to keep the cabin ergonomy to a relatively good level.

The wrap-round dash is borrowed from Iveco’s European models and has a pretty intuitive layout with easy to reach controls and switches. The materials are a bit better than what you’ll find at the smaller Acco, but they still remain rock hard and unpleasant to touch. The gray plastic that comprises the balance of surfaces in the Powerstar’s cabin carries a slight sheen of cheapness, but that’s not out of the ordinary among the Iveco’s competition, either.

The instrument cluster has a pretty modern design with huge gauges that can be read even from a mile away. Besides the conventional main gauges for the tacho- and speedo-meter, there are also two additional small gauges and a big central information display which keeps you posted on different vehicle stats.

Iveco’s ISRI driver’s suspension seat is among the most comfortable units in its class and comes with a wide range of adjustments offering a relaxing cruise and a great driving position. The steering wheel is also adjustable for reach and rake and has a pretty modern four spoke design. Moreover, it can also be fitted with a bunch of useful controls which will make your life on board easier.

The high driving position gives you a commanding view of the road, making you feel like a captain which is ready to conquer the roads.

Storage was never a problem in this class and the Iveco Powerstar makes no exception, allowing you to store your things in almost any area of the cab.

The sleeper cab ads a generously sized once-piece bunk and for maximum comfort, the mattress is supported by slats. Additionally there is also a generous 100 liter sliding storage compartment which doubles as a small table with two convenient cup holders. In the high roof cab it its offered an optional upper bunk which comes with a dampement stowage system for easy deployment.

Engines and transmissions

2010 Iveco Powerstar Emblems and Logo Exterior
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The Iveco Power star is available with either Euro 5 Cursor or Euro 5 Cummins ISX engines.

The Euro 5 emissions compliant Cursor engine offers a choice of three power ratings including 450hp, 500hp or 560hp versions. To offer a better fuel consumption and lower emissions the Cursor range of engines are combined with Selective Catalytic Reduction technology. This system is based on the AdBlue additive which cleans the exhaust emission and improves vehicle performance by cutting maintenance costs and increasing the life cycle of the engine.

The 15-litre Cummins ISX uses cooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) to meet latest Euro 5 emissions requirements. For maximum performances, the Cummins ISX engine uses a variable geometry turbocharger and also offers one of the strongest engines brakes in the business with 600 retarding horsepower.

The engines are combined with Iveco’s EuroTronic II automated constant mesh transmission in overdrive 16-speed form. The transmission electronically controls gearshifts to maximize both performance and fuel economy and also offers the possibility to select gears manually if needed.

Iveco Powerstar engines specifications

Engine hp lb-ft@rpm
Cursor 13 450 1620@1435
Cursor 13 500 1700@1525
Cursor 13 560 1840@1575
Cummins ISX 485 1850@1400
Cummins ISX 525 1850@1400
Cummins ISX 550 1850@1400

Ride and suspensions

2010 Iveco Powerstar Exterior
- image 451900

The Iveco Powerstar is equipped with Meritor rear axles which sit on the increased axle spread of the 56-inch cantilever suspension, with the front 6.5 tonne Meritor axle supported on parabolic springs. The Meritor rear axles are combined with driver-controlled differential locks and have capacity ratings of up to 20.9 tonnes.

For a smoother ride, the cab features a four-point suspension that was developed specifically for heavy duty applications. Luckily, the ride is pretty good and the suspension is able to soak most of the road bumps without transferring any vibrations inside.

The steering is also up to the task and comes with a wheel cut angle of 50-degrees improving the truck’s handling on the narrow streets.


2010 Iveco Powerstar Exterior
- image 451902

Apart from the conventional cab configuration, Iveco’s Powestar is pretty similar with its European siblings. The cab’s ergonomy is at par with competition with a nice design and acres of space, while the seats are also fairly comfortable. On the other hand, the build quality still left much to be desired and the plastics are part of the third class.

Though, you won’t complain about the engines, as they are fairly strong and able to cope great with huge payloads. The ride is also pretty good and the maneuverability is among the best in the business with a very tight turning circle and good road manners.

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