The Iveco Daily was launched on 1978 and even since its debut, the truck became a benchmark in the LCV segment. The body on frame chassis gives it the character of a strong mountain horse and it’s available with both rear wheel drive and four wheel drive tractions, thus offering a higher degree of versatility.

The Iveco LCV has received its latest upgrade in 2011 and besides the exterior style changes, the truck was also fitted with new technologies and stronger engines. The new Daily chassis cab offers a range of different models with a useful payload of up to 4.7 tons. Moreover, the LCV is also available in both cab and double cab configurations.

The Iveco Daily has a starting price of 33.359 euro and a three-year/100,000-mile warranty with services intervals set at 25,000 miles.

  • 2011 Iveco Daily
  • Year:
  • Make:
  • Transmission:
    6 speed Manual
  • Horsepower @ RPM:
    170 @ 3500
  • Torque @ RPM:
    295 @ 1250
  • Energy:
  • Top Speed:
    84 mph


2011 Iveco Daily Exterior
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The new generation Daily was designed keeping in mind the core attributes of its predecessors and offers a good balance between aesthetics and functionality. The front fascia was completely modified and now features a new honeycomb-style radiator grill, designed to accommodate the new optimized engine cooling system. The petal shaped headlamps are also new and feature daytime running lights. The black plastic bumper was changed and now is fitted with new fog lights with fog cornering functionality, operable at road speeds of up to 40 km/h. This new technology is welcomed and improves the visibility and safety by illuminating the road when cornering.


2011 Iveco Daily High Resolution Interior
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Open the big doors and a spacious interior welcomes you. Similar with the exterior design, the interior has also received a few upgrades which give the cabin a fresh air.

To enhance the driver’s comfort, Iveco added a new axial adjustable steering column and height, reach and rake adjustments for the seats. Iveco’s efforts were not in vane, as the new seats are among the most comfortable in the segment, offering good back and lateral support. All three seats offer adequate comfort, but the middle passenger has limited legroom. Thanks to the high position, the all around visibility is good and we don’t have any complains about the big lateral mirrors either. Moreover, the gear lever housing was repositioned, thus improving the ergonomics of the driver’s movements around the cabin.

The overall ergonomy is also good and the controls are intuitively placed. However, the instrument panel’s layout does have one annoying flaw. The shifter is mounted low, adjacent to center stack shifters including both the radio and climate controls. When driving, it blocks the view of those features and forces you to reach around it to operate them. However, we also like the wing shaped dashboard which combined with the circular air vents gives the cabin a modern look.

Several configurable storage compartments are inside the vehicle, including a shelf located above the windshield, a large 6 litre container under the passenger’s two-seater bench and a functional support, housed in the passenger seat back, with a clip-board that can be mounted onto the steering wheel to serve as a writing desk.

Despite its rough-and-tumble nature, Iveco has managed to squeeze in some technology to make life a bit easier. The Daily sports the new Blue&Me system, designed by Fiat and Microsoft (Iveco is owned by Fiat) and Blue&Me Fleet the fleet management telematics package, developed in collaboration with Qualcomm. There is also the latest generation TomTom Go Live 1000 navigator, with a 4.7” fluid touch screen, with HD Traffic and IQ Routes technology able to constantly calculate and suggest better routes.

Engines and performance

2011 Iveco Daily Exterior
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The new generation Iveco Daily is available with a host of new engines. These new engines are already available for the latest Fiat Ducato Euro-5 and and thanks to a few tweaks they offer 15% more power and are 10% more fuel efficient than the previous units.

The most powerful Euro 5 3.0 liter twin turbo diesel engine develops 205 hp and has a maximum torque of 470 Nm. Iveco says that this is the first 4 cylinder engine in the segment equipped with an innovative two stage turbocharger with inter-stage charge cooling technology.

The Iveco Daily is also available with the new Euro 5 2.3 litre Diesel engine that has a maximum output of t 146 hp with a torque of 350 Nm, fitted with a new variable geometry turbocharger and the exclusive Multijet II fuel injection technology.

The range also features the Natural Power Bi-fuel version, powered by the super-ecological EEV engine, optimized for operation on natural gas, with a small gasoline tank for use in case of emergency.

Lastly there is also a 3 litre Diesel engine, rated at 146 hp and 370 Nm of torque with a variable geometry turbocharger.

Two new transmissions are putted into this mix, a lightweight 6-speed gearbox mated to the 2.3 litre engines, and a performant 6-speed gearbox designed to deal with the powerful 205 hp engine. Both transmission have smooth shifts and cope well with the truck’s needs.

As you step on the gas, and the engine growl finds its way into the passenger cabin, but when it settles in at highway speed, its unobtrusive, and the interior’s pretty quiet.

Ride and handling

2011 Iveco Daily Exterior
- image 440336

The Iveco Daily has independent-wheel suspension with hydraulic telescopic shock absorbers on the front axle and transverse leaf springs, with a choice of rear axle suspension options including parabolic, semi-elliptical or air suspension for the rear.

Considering its size and heft, the Daily is pretty quick when it needs to be, and while it’s hardly a vehicle that asks to be driven with anything resembling aggression, it exhibits more balanced handling than we expected. Thankfully the suspensions never seemed stressed, especially on high speeds.

We also like the power assisted steering which is pretty sharp and offers a satisfactory road feedback. Surprisingly, the ride is pretty forgiving and pliant for an LCV.

Iveco Daily safety features

ASR - traction control
MSR - Engine over-run manager
Hill Holder Hill start assistant
LAC - Active load control
HFC - Hydraulic brake fade control
RMI Roll - movement intervention
ROM - Roll over mitigation
TSM - selective braking enhancing vehicle and trailer dynamic stability


The Iveco Daily offers a great value for your money. The truck is available with a wide range of sizes cabs and engines and regardless of any model you’ll choose the LCV delivers a pleasant driving experience and strong performances. For an LCV the exterior design is also pretty catchy and despite the fact the cabin has not the best build quality in the segment it’s still pretty comfortable.

The high load floor limits payload capacity and affects the Trucks versatility. But other than this disadvantage, the Daily has a lot of strong points including the capable engines the sharp handling and the generous payload capacity, and thanks to these features this small truck has anything it needs to get the job done.

Video: Iveco Daily

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