The Iveco Leoncino is a light commercial vehicle with a cab over engine configuration designed especially for the African, Middle Eastern and South American markets. The new model was born from the joint venture between Iveco and its Chinese partner Naveco and will be available with gross vehicle weights (GVW) between 3.5 t and 7 t while the engines options will consists of 116 hp and 140 hp diesel units.

When the truck will launched on the marked it will be also offered with a choice of two types of cabs namely a single cab (1,635 mm wide for the 3.5 t model) and extended cab (1,935 mm wide for the 5 - 7 t versions).

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2012 Iveco Leoncino Exterior
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The new Iveco Leoncino looks modern enough to be able to stack up against its best rivals. The cab comes with a sloped windscreen which reminds us about the Asian designs, but the rest of the body looks typically European. Thanks to its bold design lines, the Iveco Leoncino has a solid stance and seems willing to go head on with its arduous missions with poise.

The front is dominated by a “V” shaped radiator grille which draws inspiration from the bigger trucks build by Iveco. In its center, the grille bares the Iveco name embossed with shiny letters.

The horizontal headlights have also received an attractive design and underline the dynamic exterior style.

Iveco paid maximum attention to every detail and this can be seen also in the wraparound bumper which gels great with the rest of the cab and it’s fitted with two deep mounted rectangular fog lamps.

The lateral windows have received a modern design and the door is traversed by a small curved crease enhancing the unique appearance of the truck.


2012 Iveco Leoncino Interior
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The interior is a perfect match for the modern lines found outside. The dashboard features a nice wave pattern and creates a welcoming environment that can’t be found at many vehicles in the segment.

Given the rugged nature of the truck, the materials and plastics are also better than expected, but the build quality and fittings aren’t exactly first class.

The overall ergonomy however, is top notch and the central console is laid out in an intuitive way with every control placed within the driver’s reach. The gearlever has also an ergonomic design and comes easy into hand. The good ergonomics are completed by a comfortable three spoke steering wheel which comes with tilt and telescoping adjustments permitting you to find a comfortable driving position.

The seats are part of the first class and feature proper back support and side bolstering. There is also a wide range of adjustments available so you won’t have any complains about the driving position.

As most of the vehicles in this class, the road visibility is very good as you are treated with a huge windscreen, thin A pillars and big lateral windows. You won’t have any complains about the exterior mirrors either as they’ll keep you well informed about what’s going on behind you.

There are also various storage places thrown around the cab so you won’t need to worry about where to put your things.

Engines and ride

2012 Iveco Leoncino Exterior
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The Iveco Leoncino is offered with a choice of two engine options which develop 116 hp and 125 hp. Iveco didn’t revealed more details about the engines, but we can expect them to offer a proper response and to be able to cope with the utilitarian character of the truck without any significant problems.

The Iveco Leoncino will be fitted with front and rear semi elliptical suspensions, especially designed for heavy load transport. This means that the ride quality won’t be too comfortable, at least when the vehicle is unladen.

The good part is that that thanks to its compact dimensions and the cab over engine configuration, the Iveco Leoncino will be pretty easy to drive around town.

The stopping power however won’t be as capable as other vehicles in the segment, because the Leoncino is fitted with all-around drum brakes that aren’t as capable as the disc units.


2012 Iveco Leoncino Emblems and Logo Exterior
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Iveco’s global product is pretty well designed. It has an attractive style and thanks to its generous payload it’s also a fairly practical work horse.

The Leoncino has also the most modern interior you’ll find in this segment and even if the build quality isn’t exactly first class, the overall ergonomy and comfort are better than many other models.

The engines should also be up to the task, as Iveco never failed to provide smooth and capable units. For the moment we don’t have any idea about the ride quality or handling but we can expect them to be at par with competition.

Unfortunately, the Leoncino is equipped with all around drum brakes which aren’t as effective as the disc units so the stopping power will suffer.

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