Kenworth expanded its product line by launching the T470 model back in 2009. The new medium duty truck was designed with a highly versatile character in order to be easy converted for different vocational and municipal applications.

Available in GVW (gross vehicle weight) ratings from 33,000 lbs to 68,000 lbs, the T470 has a typical Kenworth design and is powered by a 9-liter Cummins ISL engine with a maximum output of 345 hp and 1,150 lb-ft of torque. The truck’s front axles are rated between 12,000 - 22,000 lb. while the rear axles come in both single and tandem configurations with a capacity of 21,000 to 46,000-lb.

  • 2009 Kenworth T470
  • Year:
  • Make:
  • Horsepower @ RPM:
    380 @ 2200
  • Torque @ RPM:
    1200 @ 1300
  • Energy:
  • Top Speed:
    72 mph


2009 Kenworth T470 Exterior
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The truck features a conventional cab configuration and the exterior design is 100% Kenworth with a long nose, oversized wheel arches and a tall cabin. The T470 bares an imposing radiator grille which is fitted with the company’s logo on top.

The grille is made of stamped stainless steel for enhanced strength and it’s mounted to the radiator allowing the hood to swing clear of front mounted equipment. There are also two additional air intakes mounted on each side of the bonnet which constantly send fresh air to the engine.

The headlights are a bit dull compared to other trucks in the segment, but they gel well with the big wheel arches and the utilitarian nature of the vehicle. The light clusters are fitted with an advanced forward lighting system which provides up to 30% more down-road coverage than the conventional sealed beam units.

The three piece bumper is available in either steel or aluminum and permits easy installation of winches, PTOs and other front-end equipments.

Beside the conventional side windows, the cab can be also ordered with corner windows which improve the visibility in tight places.

Kenworth also offers a wide variety of chrome and polished options for wheels, fuel tanks and grille.


2009 Kenworth T470 Interior
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The Kenworth T470’s cab is fairly spacious and you won’t complain about the head- or leg-room. The dashboard design is also pretty modern and despite the third class materials which were choose for their durability over luxury the cabin is a nice place to be in, with decent overall ergonomy.

There are two dashboard designs available; one is conventional, while the other is slightly angled towards the driver. Both versions are fitted with easy to reach controls, buttons and switches which are big enough to be easy used even with gloves.

Unfortunately, Kenweorth’s steering wheels were never on our list of favorite things, due to their relatively big dimensions and the dated design. On the other hand, we like that they come with both tilt and telescopic adjustments which make them less obtrusive.

The air suspended seats could’ve been more comfortable, as they lack any significant side support and they are almost flat. But other than that, they’ll do their job just fine, without being extremely bad. They also come with a few useful adjustments which further enhance the comfort. Between the drivers’ and the passenger’s seats is mounted a convenient workstation and the truck can be also ordered with an optional two person bench seat.

The instrument cluster is well organized and easy to read with clear and big gauges. There is also available Kenworth’s Multifunction Driver Information Center which is nestled between the main gauges and provides instant trip access information for miles per gallon, engine idle hours and optimum rpm range.

You’ll also find plenty of storage places, cubby holes and cup holders spread across the cabin where you can easy deposit your things.

Optionally, Kenworth offers a more spacious Extended Day Cab with an additional six inches of length and five inches of cab height and a host of useful features such as high intensity discharge (HID) lighting, cab air suspension, factory-installed power take-off (PTO) and one lift axle.

Engines and transmissions


2009 Kenworth T470 Exterior
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The Kenworth T470 is powered by the tried and tested Paccar PX-8 engine which has a maximum output of 350 hp and 1000 lb-ft of torque. There truck is also available with the Cummins ISL unit which develops up to 380 hp and 1.300 lb-ft of toque. Both engines are fairly strong and can deal with big payloads without breaking a sweat.

The 8.3 liter Paccar PX-8 engine features PACCAR’s variable geometry turbocharger, a high pressure common rail fuel system and a cooled exhaust gas recirculation system, designed to lower the fuel consumption.

The Cummins ISL features an integrated VG Turbo, high-pressure fuel system, combustion technology and an exhaust after treatment system. Thanks to these features the ISL delivers is able to deal effortless with any task you want. The ISL also has a very capable engine brake which will come in handy when you’ll need to deal with steep downhill runs. Besides the additional stopping power offered, the engine brake also keeps the service braking to a minimum which is translated into a longer life for the discs.

To keep the engines power in leash, the truck is offered with a choice of Eaton Fuller or Allison transmissions, both available with PTO (power take off).

Kenworth T470 Engines Specifications

Cummins ISL 380 @2200 1200 @ 1300
PX-8 350 350@2000 1000 @ 1400
PX-8 330 330 @2000 1000 @ 1400
PX-8 300 300 @2000 860 @ 1400
PX-8 270 270 @2000 800 @ 1300
PX-8 260 260 @2000 660 @ 1300

Ride and axles

2009 Kenworth T470 Drivetrain
- image 447336

For enhanced versatility, the Kenworth T470 uses full parent rail extensions providing maximum resistance to bending. Thanks to this solid platform, the truck serves as a trusted base for mounting hydraulic pumps, winches, front stabilizers or snow plows.

The T470’s front axles are rated from 12,000 to 22,000 lbs, single rear axles from 21,000 to 30,000 lbs, while the tandem rear axles can deal with maximum weight ratings between 40,000 - 46,000 lbs.

Thanks to the set-back front axle, a tight turning radius the truck is also surprisingly agile even on the narrow city streets, offering a high maneuverability.


2009 Kenworth T470 Exterior
- image 447340

The Kenworth T470’s corrosion-resistant aluminum cab has a longer life compared with their steel counterparts, while the truck’s engines are also pretty reliable and strong. Despite its utilitarian nature and the doubtful build quality, the cabin is fairly comfortable and the dashboard and instrument cluster feature a convenient layout. The Kenworth T470 has also a generous payload capacity and its versatile chassis can be used for a wide range of applications.

Kenworth T470 Applications

2009 Kenworth T470 Exterior
- image 447333
Kenworth T470 Dump
2009 Kenworth T470 Exterior
- image 447334
Kenworth T470 Snow Removal
2009 Kenworth T470 Exterior
- image 447338
Kenworth T470 Utility
2009 Kenworth T470 Exterior
- image 447341
Kenworth T470 Flatbed
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