• 2006 Lincoln Mark LT

    Lincoln Mark LT

The Mark LT is Lincoln’s second attempt to design a luxurious pickup after failing with the Blackwood model that was sold for only one year. Lincoln’s first luxury pickup was highly criticized for its lack of practicality and the not-so-luxurious cabin. However the company didn’t give up and decided to try it’s luck once more with the Mark LT.

The new luxury pickup was launched in 2006 and features a smarter style mixed with a longer load bed and a modern looking cab. The vehicle is based on the four door version of the Ford F-150 pickup and it’s powered by Ford’s 5.8 liter Triton V8.

  • 2006 Lincoln Mark LT
  • Year:
  • Make:
  • Engine:
  • Horsepower @ RPM:
    300 @ 5000
  • Torque @ RPM:
    365 @ 3750
  • Top Speed:
    106 mph


2006 Lincoln Mark LT High Resolution Exterior
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The Lincoln Mark LT is based on the Ford F-150, so there are many common elements between the two models.

A big, sweeping grille traversed by a set of horizontal sills is nested between a pair of imposing headlights. The grille’s chrome matches the shine from the brightly polished wheels (18 inch standard and 20 inched optional).

Under the grille there is a similarly robust bumper which is fitted with a set of rectangular fog lamps and a wide air intake which sends fresh air to the engine.

The hood features a clean design and it’s slightly raised giving the truck a purposeful stance. The flared wheels arches gel seamlessly with the side body panels and further enhance the bold look.

The Mark LT bed is measures 67" long and it’s available with an optional bed extender. Bed width at the wheelhouse is 50", so the truck is pretty practical.

The truck has slathered its name across its flanks like neon dots on a Vegas-strip casino. There is also a lot of chrome which is a bit too much for our tastes. Though, the overall style of the Mark LT looks pretty solid and we don’t have any significant complains about it.

The Mark LT 4X4 features a 9.1" ground clearance which will come in handy if you’ll want to try your luxury pickup’s muscles on off-road driving. Along the sides you’ll also find a convenient set of running boards to help you climb easier into the cab.


2006 Lincoln Mark LT High Resolution Interior
- image 470379

The Mark LT shares the same interior design with the Ford F-150. Though, Lincoln spent a lot of money to improve the plastics and materials, raising the Mark LT’s cab up the Luxury level.

There are thicker side windows and double layered door seals which offer a perfect sound isolation. Overall Lincoln did a better job with the cab and every corner lets you know that you are driving a luxury vehicle.

There are many shiny metallic inserts which enhance the upscale look of the cabin and we especially like the robust center console which is a perfect match for the purposeful exterior design.

Needless to say, that you are surrounded by fine stitched leather and every control is placed within easy reach.

The driver is met by a clear instrument cluster which is fitted with tree round gauges and other useful indicators which keep you posted on various vehicle stats.

The seats aren’t as comfortable as expected from a luxury brand as they are flat and stiff. They also lack full power adjustability, but you’ll find your favorite driving position pretty easy thanks to the power adjustable pedals.

However, the Mark LT’s cab isn’t fitted with Lincoln’s luxury amenities such as navigation, first class seats and an insane sound system. Luckily, the LT does come with an optional rear seat DVD player.

The vehicle falls pretty short when it comes to safety, as it lacks side air bags or side curtain air bags which today are a common sense feature found in any respectable luxury vehicle.

Engines and performance

2006 Lincoln Mark LT High Resolution Exterior
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At the heart of the Lincoln Mark LT it’s a 5.4 liter V8 engine which churns out 300 hp and 365 lb.ft of torque.

The V8 unit has enough grunt to offer more than decent performances and deals great with the heavy weight of the truck. It also has an intimidating metallic growl and a similarly intimidating fuel consumption.

The vehicle is much more practical than the old Blackwood, having enough torque to tow up to 8900 lbs and a bigger tray.

The Lincoln Mark LT is offered with a choice of either 2WD or 4WD configurations and it’s equipped with a four speed automatic transmissions which is a cog short of class leading.

Lincoln Mark LT Engines Specifications

Engine hp@rpm lb.ft@rpm
5.4 liter V8 300 @ 5000 365 @ 3750

Ride and handling

2006 Lincoln Mark LT High Resolution Exterior
- image 470373

On neat road the Mark LT offers a surprisingly smooth ride which is impressive for a truck than can carry 1620 lbs at the back. Moreover, the vehicle deals well with potholes too and isn’t as stiff as other similarly sized pickup trucks.

We continued to be impressed by the competent rack and pinion steering which is nicely weighted offering a proper road feedback.

Given its heft and size the Lincoln Mark LT deals great with corners too, though some moderate understeer effect can still be felt if you’ll push it harder.


2006 Lincoln Mark LT High Resolution Exterior
- image 470376

Like the Ford F-150, the Mark LT is a top notch pickup truck. The vehicle is also equipped with a wide range of luxury features and offers a high class interior and a great ergonomy. The engine is up to the task and won’t let you down in any situation, while the ride and handling are among the best you’ll find around.

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