The Titan is the latest big rig launched by Mack and has made its debut in 2008. The truck was built for the toughest applications and is equipped with the powerful 6 cylinder MP10 which has a maximum output of 605 hp.

The Titan is one of the most reliable trucks from the market and its strong build quality and the imposing design suits perfectly to its rugged character. Thanks to its versatile nature, the Mack Titan is ideal for logging, oil field, heavy equipment and severe, heavy-haul applications. The Mack Titan has a starting price of $147.000 and is available in three trim levels including the Pedigree, Champion and the luxury Rawhide.

  • 2008 Mack Titan
  • Year:
  • Make:
  • Horsepower @ RPM:
    605 @ 1400
  • Torque @ RPM:
    2060 @ 1200
  • Energy:
  • Top Speed:
    120 mph
  • Price:


2008 Mack Titan Exterior
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After analyzing the truck’s shape is starting to become evident just how much attention to detail was put into designing this truck. Take for instance the diesel particulate filter which is covered with a stylized, stainless steel cover trim, available for the Rawhide Edition, or the stainless steel sun visors. Not to mention about the polished aluminum battery box and fuel tank.

We can say without exaggerating that the Mack Titan is one of the best looking models in its segment. The conventional cab configuration gives it a dominant stance which is enhanced by the chromed aggressive front grille. We also like the massive four-inch-wide chrome surround of the grille which further enhances the rugged design.

The grille is flanked by two rectangular headlights, fitted with LEXAN covers which are more resistant to impact than the conventional covers and permit easy accessibility for replacing bulbs. The standard round fogs lights are placed lower, under the grille, and together with the massive bumper they underline the utilitarian look of the truck. Moreover, the Mack Titan is also available with optional LED cab skirt lighting which add a dose of dynamism to the entire truck.

The Mack Rawhide edition is offered with quad trumpet air horns mounted on the cab’s roof and also with chrome, dual-vertical stacks with seven-inch Bullhorns.


2008 Mack Titan Interior
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The Titan has one of the most comfortable cabins in the segment especially in Rawhide version which comes with a classy button tuck trim. Needless to say, that there are acres of space inside and everything looks well put together. We also like the practical wraparound dashboard which is fitted with logically placed controls and is decorated with classy wood grain and brushed nickel.

The high-back seats are pretty comfortable and offer adequate back and tight support while they can also be adjusted according to your wishes. You’ll also like the straight road visibility which is gorgeous thanks to the high, commanding driving position and the huge windshield.

One of our favorite elements is the two spoke steering wheel, which is one of the best looking units in its class. Apart from the modern design, we also like its relatively small dimensions which make it easy to use.

By pressing a foot pedal, the steering column can be adjusted to numerous positions offering you a comfortable driving position, increased belly room and improved visibility of all gauges. Talking about gauges, the instrument cluster is fitted with large, easy-to-read indicators and also comes with a central rectangular Co-pilot display which offers additional information about the vehicle and engine. The Co-Pilot display, can be easy controlled by means of a four-button steering-column stalk. This system gives drivers 50 screens that feature real-time fuel economy and trip data, detailed maintenance and fault summaries, and supplemental sensor readings.

The Mack Titan is also available with the optional Lectronix T7000 system which integrates radio, navigation, a blind spot camera display and trip and tire-pressure monitoring systems.

Engines and performance

2008 Mack Titan Emblems and Logo Exterior
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The Mack Titan is equipped with a standard 16-liter MP10 engine which is the most powerful unit built by the company and develops a maximum output 605 hp. Besides the huge power, the engine also offers a generous torque of 2.060 lb-ft achieved from as low as 1200 rpm. Thanks to these strong figures, the Mack Titan can tackle the toughest jobs without breaking a sweat, and the engine is also one of the most reliable in the business. The engine is available in Maxidyne and Maxi cruise versions and uses an advance combustion system, intelligent fuel injectors and an improved air management system to offer high fuel efficiency.

It’s also worth to be mentioned, that Mack is the only truck manufacturer who offers the advantage of integration and single-source accountability for the engine, transmission and chassis. Hence, the Mack MP10 engines can be mated on either company’s Maxitorque ES Shift or Eaton Fuller transmissions, both with numerous PTO (power take off) options. Makc’s Maxitorque is one of the best transmissions available on the market and features industry’s only triple-countershaft design with revolutionary shiftable, multi-speed reverse capabilities.

Engines specifications

Engine hp@rpm lb-ft@rpm
MP10 Maxicruise 525@1400 1860@1200
MP10 Maxicruise 565@1400 1960@1200
MP10 Maxicruise 605@1400 2060@1200
MP10 Maxidyne 515@1400 1960@1200
MP10 Maxidyne 555@1400 2060@1200

Ride and axles

2008 Mack Titan Drivetrain
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For enhanced performances, Mack has reduced driveline angularity to a minimum level, which helps the truck to drastically reduce the NVH levels (noise, vibrations and harmonics). Thanks to this feature the truck’s ride is quiet, smooth and fairly comfortable. Moreover, due to the horizontally mounted carriers, there is no vertical joint, thus significantly reducing axle lube leak paths.

When engineering the new Titan, Mack had also used axles with a conventional differential and a lockout device. The truck’s drive axles can deal with loads of up to 44,000 lbs. and have tighter tolerances and fewer weld joints for greater reliability and longer life.


2008 Mack Titan Exterior
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The Titan’s strong built quality makes it one of the most reliable trucks in its segment, while the comfortable Rawhide cabin is very close to the luxury level. The cabin ergonomy is also top notch, while the truck’s MP10 engines are able to deal with the biggest payloads without thinking twice.

For a utilitarian vehicle, the Titan’s ride is pretty comfortable and its strong axle and chassis can go head to head with the most demanding situations without baking down. Overall the truck is a brilliant piece of engineering and except its price it will be hard to find any other significant faults.

Video: Mack Titan

Mack Titan Applications

2008 Mack Titan Exterior
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Mack Titan Heavy Equipment
2008 Mack Titan Exterior
- image 446245
Mack Titan Oilfield
2008 Mack Titan Exterior
- image 446249
Mack Titan Severe Heavy Haul
2008 Mack Titan Exterior
- image 446256
Mack Titan Logging
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