The U20 is the smallest member of the Unimog family. The truck was launched in 2009 and comes with the typical Unimog versatility. The U 20 is highly appreciated for its excellent maneuverability given by the compact dimensions (wheelbase 2.7 m, overall height 2.70 m, overall width 2.15 m) and its handling qualities in difficult terrain. The Mercedes Benz Unimog u20 can serve as a universal tool for a wide range of applications and thanks to its gross vehicle weights of 7.5 to 9.3 t it can carry massive loads on any terrains.

  • 2009 Mercedes Benz Unimog U20
  • Year:
  • Make:
  • Horsepower @ RPM:
    150 @ 2200
  • Torque @ RPM:
    376 @ 1000
  • Energy:
  • Top Speed:
    50 mph


2009 Mercedes Benz Unimog U20 Exterior Drivetrain
- image 456282

The Mercedes Unimog U20 features a cab over engine configuration which gives it pretty compact exterior dimensions and a spacious interior. The truck is arguably the best looking model in the Unimog lineup and features a pretty modern design. To be protected against corrosion, the cab received a galvanized treatment which guarantees protection in water, snow and at low temperatures.

The tall cabin comes with a raked windscreen which is combined with a “V” shaped radiator grille that bares the three pointed star in its center. The turning signals are placed at the base of the cab and sit on top of the big rectangular headlights.

In order to be able to tackle the most savage terrains, the Unimog U20 has a high ground clearance which is combined with massive wheels making the truck look like a T-Rex on wheels.

With its width of only 2.15 m and a height of 2.7 m, the Unimog U20 can squeeze even through the narrowest streets and is a joy to be driven around the city.


2009 Mercedes Benz Unimog U20 Interior
- image 456293

Access inside could prove to be a bit of a challenge due to the super high ground clearance. At least, the doors open to a 90 degree angle which permits you to get fairly easy inside.

The Mercedes Unimog U20’s cab offers space for up to three people and none of them will complain about head or legroom.

The dashboard features a slightly modern design than the other Unimog models and makes the overall interior look more appealing. Everything inside is well built and all the plastics seems durable.

All of the main controls and displays for both the vehicle drive and implement operation can be found grouped together by function on the centre console. The Unimog U20 also offers a joystick which gives you full control of the implements.

The switches have a strong built quality and most of them are placed within easy reach. Despite the cluttered center console, you’ll get used to it pretty fast, as all the controls are placed intuitively.

The seats are pretty comfortable and come with a wide range of adjustments permitting you to find a proper driving position. There is also an air suspended driver seats available and the steering column can be also adjusted for both reach and rake further improving the comfort.

As most Unimogs, the U20 offers an excellent all-round visibility, thanks to the panoramic windshield and the big lateral windows. The big mirrors are also up to the task and will keep you well informed of what’s going on behind you.

The cabin is fitted with a host of useful storage places, cubby holes and different consoles, so you won’t have to worry about where to put your things. As an optional feature, Mercedes also offers an integrated, lockable multipurpose box for additional storage which is mounted behind the cab.

Engines and performance

2009 Mercedes Benz Unimog U20 Drivetrain
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The Mercedes Unimog U20 is powered by a 4250 cc turbocharged engine which develops a maximum output of 150 hp and 510 Nm of torque. The engine is among the most efficient units form the market and meets the latest Euro 5 emission norms.

In order to achieve these cleaner performances the engine is combined with SCR technology which lowers the emissions without affecting the power output. There is also offered an extra catalytic converter which reduces the emissions using AdBlue.

Thanks to its capable torque achieved from low rpms, the engine offers excellent towing abilities and can deal with any conditions without backing down.

The truck is offered with a standard all wheel drive system which gives you constant grip without losing traction. The U20 also offers the possibility to block the inter-axle differential and the differentials on each axle on the move, to offer a better traction.

Mercedes Benz Unimog U20 engines specifications

Engine capacity hp@rpm Torque – Nm
4250 cc 150@2200 510

Ride and handling

2009 Mercedes Benz Unimog U20 Drivetrain
- image 456271

Despite its gargantuan size, the Unimog U20 is a very agile vehicle. In its off road adventures, the Unimog U20 is helped by heavy duty Portal axles and the permanent all-wheel drive system.

The vehicle is also ideal for various urban applications, as thanks to its short 2.7-metre wheelbase it has a turning circle of only 12.6 m in diameter which is surprisingly short given its size and heft.

The axles are combined with capable coils springs which offer a proper road stability at both high and low speeds. Moreover, thanks to a long spring travel and the high degree of axle articulation, all four wheels will stay on ground regardless of the terrain.

The truck is offered with ABS and automatic load-sensitive brake control (ALB) which offers a proper braking in any situation.


2009 Mercedes Benz Unimog U20 Exterior
- image 456284

Despite being the smallest member of the Unimog family, the U20 has anything it takes to deal with tough working conditions without breaking a sweat. Thanks to its compact dimensions it can be used for a wide range of arduous applications and its torquey engine offers one of the lowest fuel consumptions in the segment. The ride and handling are exceptional and its heavy duty axles won’t disappoint you in any way. Mercedes’s reliability it’s also worth to be taken into consideration, as the Unimog just doesn’t now what means to break down.

Video: Mercedes Unimog U20

Mercedes Unimog U20 Applications

2009 Mercedes Benz Unimog U20 Exterior Drivetrain
- image 456279
Mercedes Benz Unimog U20 Construction
2009 Mercedes Benz Unimog U20 Exterior Drivetrain
- image 456280
Mercedes Benz Unimog U20 Snow Removal
2009 Mercedes Benz Unimog U20 Exterior Drivetrain
- image 456281
Mercedes Benz Unimog U20 Utility
2009 Mercedes Benz Unimog U20 High Resolution Exterior Drivetrain
- image 456283
Mercedes Benz Unimog U20 Crane
2009 Mercedes Benz Unimog U20 Exterior
- image 456287
Mercedes Benz Unimog U20 Dump
2009 Mercedes Benz Unimog U20 Exterior
- image 456288
Mercedes Benz Unimog U20 Firetruck
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