Its looks have been optimised in the wind tunnel, its technology and engineering are masterful and its cab is a unique combination of workplace and home from home: the new Mercedes-Benz Actros is the new benchmark for premium-class trucks. It reconciles high performance with low fuel consumption, its emissions are lower in pollutants than any comparable vehicle and its has undergone testing of unprecedented intensity. The Mercedes-Benz Actros has taken the motto for the Frankfurt International Motor Show – "The future begins today" – at its word.

Polished up and streamlined for fuel efficiency in the wind tunnel

2012 Mercedes-Benz Actros Exterior
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A truck in the wind tunnel? All part of the development routine at Mercedes-Benz. The engineers subjected the Actros to 2600 hours of intensive testing and optimization in the wind tunnel. In view of a frontal area of around 10 m2, consisting of a height of 4.0 m and a width of 2.5 m, and annual mileage in the order of 150,000, every detail of the cab and its attachments is crucial.

The design of the air deflectors on the roof, the roof itself, the front apron, the corner paneling and the cab-side extenders have been evolved with a meticulous attention to detail. Perforated slats on the radiator grille, a temperature-controlled radiator shutter, door leaves extended downwards, side paneling between front and rear axle – all these aspects have undergone testing to make the new Actros the most economical truck on the road.

On the outside, the new Actros sports a striking and powerful, quintessentially Mercedes-Benz appearance, boldly displaying its star credentials. It takes up visual trends from the current passenger car range, adopting them into the world of commercial vehicles. In view of its long product lifecycle, the new Actros shuns short-lived, fashionable features, however. It embarks on its career with an optimistic and friendly smile on its face – the new Actros is powerful, but not aggressive in character.

A true dream cab: more spacious than ever

2012 Mercedes-Benz Actros High Resolution Interior
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A workplace to be envied: the generously proportioned cab of the new Mercedes-Benz Actros sets new benchmarks in spaciousness and ergonomics, quality of materials and appointments. The superior standards begin with the new multifunction key: suspension level control, activation of the interior lighting, call-up of key operating data, level of the fuel tank and other fluids, tire pressure monitoring, activation of auxiliary heating or stationary air conditioning – all these functions and more besides can be carried out at a distance of up to 100 m with this truly all-round key. Just for the record: the door also serves to lock and unlock the doors.

Two widths and no less than six height and roof variants are available, tailored precisely to individual operational requirements.

Typically for a truck, the cab on the new Actros is available in a range of different variants. Less typically, two widths and no less than six height and roof variants are available, tailored precisely to individual operational requirements. And anything but typically, the majority of cabs for the new Actros feature a flat floor, offering generous freedom of movement on board. Particularly impressive is the new Actros with GigaSpace cab and almost 12 cubic meters of space inside – a real dream workplace.

Cockpit and living area separated for the first time

Space and freedom of movement are of great importance in long-haul trucks. A driver may spend days or even weeks on the road in such vehicles. The cab thus serves as the driver’s workplace, living area and sleeping berth in one. In view of this situation, the cockpit and living area have been separated from one another for the first time in the new Actros by means of the color scheme and the cockpit’s geometric design. The quality finish and feel of the interior appointments are on a par with the standard encountered in upper-range passenger cars – the new Actros is the Mercedes-Benz among trucks.

In keeping with the interior as a whole, the driver’s seat has also been developed especially for the new Actros. It boasts a fascinating range of adjustment features: in addition to the customary basic functions, the air-sprung comfort seat also offers automatic weight adjustment, adjustable vertical dampers, lateral contour support, seat depth adjustment, shoulder support, horizontal springing and pneumatic lumbar support. The top-of-the-range variant even incorporates a massage function with pulsating air cushions in the backrest.

The driver receives tips on his style of driving

2012 Mercedes-Benz Actros Interior
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The cockpit of the new Actros is perfectly designed to meet the driver’s needs. The multifunction steering wheel with its rim offering a good grip corresponds to the standard featuring in the current generation of passenger cars from Mercedes-Benz. The instruments offer more than the customary scope of information: the FleetBoard telematics system which comes as standard analyses the driver’s style continuously by reference to numerous parameters.

On the basis of the analyzed data, the driver receives ongoing analyses and tips on his current driving style. Numerous practical stowage facilities accommodate small and large items alike. Large stowage compartments provide an ideal base for a coffee machine or laptop. An integrated folding table is optionally available on the co-driver’s side.

The interior lighting adapts to the driver’s needs: ceiling lamps ensure optimum illumination, with the work area lighting assisting the driver when studying documents, for example. The anti-dazzle green night lighting conjures up a pleasant atmosphere for night-time driving. The indirect blue ambiance lighting employing fiber-optic cables to great effect helps the driver to relax during breaks.

The relaxation area in the new SoloStar Concept

2012 Mercedes-Benz Actros Interior
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The optional new SoloStar Concept takes the relaxation zone on board a truck to a new dimension. The central relaxation area is a rounded corner on the co-driver’s side. Even tall drivers are able to stretch out their legs in this seating scenario and make themselves comfortable. A folding table provides an additional convenience factor. The beds in the new Actros offer even greater relaxation. They measure 2200 x 750 mm – more than enough even for the tallest drivers. Seven-zone cold-foam mattresses with an adjustable back section offer lying comfort on a par with that of a high-quality bed at home. The upper of the two beds can be leveled with a spirit level.

The heating utilizing residual engine heat ensures a pleasant temperature during breaks or waiting times. During longer stops, the auxiliary heater goes into operation. The standard scope of equipment also includes air conditioning with automatic temperature control. A stationary air conditioning system is optionally available. This system stores cold which is generated while the vehicle is in motion, using it to cool the cab for up to eight hours at the end of the working day – a relief on hot summer nights, for example.

Plenty of space for luggage – and a shaving mirror

2012 Mercedes-Benz Actros Interior
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The stowage space in the new Actros boasts exceptional dimensions and accessibility. It is able to accommodate sufficient supplies and luggage even for long trips. With the Actros GigaSpace the stowage capacity totals 975 l – twice the luggage space available in a Mercedes-Benz C-Class. The outside flaps even open wide enough to stow away beverage crates.

Details transform the cab of the new Actros into a multifunctional home from home. The stowage compartment above the co-driver’s area conceals a towel holder. A shaving mirror with flexible mounting is also on board. A spacious refrigerator box is optionally available. Similarly to the Mercedes-Benz passenger cars, various lines are available to upgrade the interior of the new Actros: the Home-Line emphasizes the new Actros’s home-from-home character with wood-look trims and a door mirror in almond beige.

This line also includes a leather steering wheel, with a wood/leather steering wheel available as an option. The Style-Line brings out the new Actros’s dynamic character with chrome parts in brushed metal and interior door mirrors in black-silver velour. A chrome bar on the sunblind, chrome covers for the mirror housings and an illuminated Mercedes star lend the new Actros an extrovert character.

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I never thought that this one is really that spacious. Is that magic? It amazed me. Well, this truck is truly a masterpiece. How much does it cost?

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