• 2006 Mitsubishi L200 chassis cab

The Mitsubishi L200 is around from some time now, but even since its inception the vehicle was considered a strong and reliable vehicle. Apart from its work horse character, the Mitsubishi L200 has also a pretty unconventional design which is a perfect combination between dynamism and practicality.

The vehicle is available in both chassis cab and pickup versions with single-, extended- and double-cab configurations. Worldwide, the L200 is highly appreciated and in UK is the best sold vehicle in its class.

The chassis cab version of the L200 leaves behind all the bells and whistles of the lifestyle models and offers a rugged and basic work horse able to get the heaviest jobs done without worrying about broking a nail or two.

  • 2006 Mitsubishi L200 chassis cab
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2006 Mitsubishi L200 chassis cab Exterior
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Despite its rugged character, the Mitsubishi L200 features a pretty attractive design which can’t be seen at many vehicles in its class.

The vehicle’s sheet metal features many curved lines which form an attractive aerodynamic style that stands out from the crowd. The bold stance of the Mitsubishi L200 chassis cab is enhanced by the high ground clearance and the aggressive front bumper which gels seamlessly with the rest of the body. The bumper also features a massive air intake and two round fog lights.

The radiator grille is nicely integrated into the front fascia and bares the company logo in its center. We also like the sleek shape of the headlights which look pretty modern and underline the dynamic look of the vehicle.

Viewed from the side, the L200 shows its flared fenders housing the big wheels which are another proof of its rugged character.


2006 Mitsubishi L200 chassis cab Interior
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Hop inside and you’ll find a pretty familiar design which is common for most of Mitsubishi’s big vehicles. While we like the overall interior design, the cabin is filled with low grade plastics which are also hard as a rock. Luckily the fittings are well done and everything seems ready to endure the punishment of hard working conditions.

We also need to send a shout out to the steering wheel which features a surprisingly nice design that copes great with the interior. It can also be adjusted for both reach and rake, hence you won’t need to worry about finding your favorite driving position.

Talking about driving position, the seats are a bit uncomfortable and won’t keep you satisfied on longer journey as they are devoid of any proper bolstering. Lumbar support? That’s for sissies. Though, they came with a wide range of adjustments, which will help you find a les uncomfortable driving position.

As you sit pretty high from the ground, the view of the road is commanding and you can also rely with confidence on the plate sized door mirrors.

The Mitsubishi L200 Chassis cab is also pretty well kitted. The center console can be fitted with a multifunctional screen which hosts a satellite navigation system together with reversing camera and Bluetooth hands-free ’phone connection. There is also a very generous range of accessories from which you can cherry pick.

Engines and transmissions

2006 Mitsubishi L200 chassis cab Emblems and Logo Drivetrain
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The Mitsubishi L200 chassis cab is offered with a choice of two power outputs coming from a 2.5 liter engine. The weaker unit develops 134 hp, while the stronger one churns out 175 hp. The engines can be combined with both manual and automatic transmissions. While the manual does its job just fine, without causing you any significant problems, the automatic transmission feels a bit sluggish and could’ve been smoother.

The 134 hp engine delivers satisfactory performances and is able to keep up with almost anything you’ll throw at it. It’s also pretty responsive and flexible with a strong torque achieved at low rpms. Push the accelerator pedal and you can reach a top speed of up to 165 kmph.

The 175 engine is fairly strong and can deal effortless with any payload. It also offers pretty good performances on the highway and you can rely on its acceleration with confidence even when the vehicle is fully loaded. The bad part is that if you will push it hard, it will start to show its raspy voice, hence we’ll advise you to drive it in a more relaxed manner.

Mitsubishi L200 Chassis Cab Engines Specifications

Engine hp@rpm nm@rpm
2.5 l 134@4000 314@2000
2.5l 175@@4000 400@2000

Ride and handling

2006 Mitsubishi L200 chassis cab Exterior
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The Mitsubishi L200 has a soft ride and deals well with any road bumps, as its suspensions are able to soak most of the shocks without affecting the driver’s comfort. On the other hand, at low speeds it floats like a boat and doesn’t inspire a confident drive. The body roll is also present and will spoil your fun every time you want to make a daring maneuver.

The steering is also pretty light and flimsy, but at higher speeds it will start to get better as it adds some weight.

The cab is far from being the best isolated unit in its class, and at low speeds the engine and wind noise could start to piss you off. At cruising speeds however, things start to get a little bit better as the solid body does a good job of keeping the cabin safe from disturbing noises.


2006 Mitsubishi L200 chassis cab Exterior
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The Mitsubishi L200 chassis cab has a lot of advantages on its side. It features a stylish exterior design which is matched by a similarly good locking interior. The cabin is also fairly spacious and everything is placed within easy reach. The seats however could’ve been better as they are a pain when it comes to longer journeys.

Luckily, the engines are at par with their rivals and won’t let you down in any situations, while the payload capacity is also fairly generous.

While the truck is good at dealing with harsh terrains, at high speeds, lacks the body control found at other vehicles in the segment and the steering is pretty vague. Not to mention about the costs of ownership which are a bit high for a Mitsubishi.

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