The Multicar Tremo is a compact implement carrier and transporter designed for tight working conditions. The vehicle has a width of only 1.30 meters which makes it the perfect choice for municipal or light industry applications.

The Multicar Tremo is equipped with a powerful hydraulics system as standard. Thanks to its tandem gear pump (2 x 58 l / 210 bar) and four control functions, the vehicle can be used for a wide range of service application implements such as a snow-plough, grit spreader, forward-mounted rotary brush, and watering equipment.

The Multicar Tremo is equipped with a four cylinder Volkswagen CJDA turbo diesel Euro 5 engine with a maximum output of 102 hp.

  • 2010 Multicar Tremo
  • Year:
  • Make:
  • Horsepower @ RPM:
    102 @ 3000
  • Torque @ RPM:
    210 @ 1750


2010 Multicar Tremo Exterior
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Tremo’s cab features a space-frame configuration which is both lightweight and ergonomic, offering an ample all around visibility thanks to the generous glass area that surrounds the driver.

Given its utilitarian character, the Multicar Tremo has a pretty modern exterior design which offers a good mix between practicality and style.

At the front, we find a massive curved windscreen and three circular headlights mounted on each side of the MULTICAR badge embossed on the bonnet.

The small truck has a load capacity of up to 2.8 t with a gross vehicle weight up to 5 t. The TREMO can be fitted with up to three attachment points and there is also a wide range of implements available for attachment making it a highly versatile work horse.

For increased flexibility, the Multicar Tremo is also equipped with a front-mounted quick-change system in the form of a coupling triangle or attachment plate. Furthermore, the high pressure hydraulics of the Tremo Carrier model features two work circuits and produce up to 280 bar which are used to drive implements and to raise and lower the dumper.


2010 Multicar Tremo Interior
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The compact exterior dimensions of the Multicar Tremo do affect the interior space, but despite this fact there is an adequate amount of leg- and head-room. Overall, the cabin features a rudimentary design, but given the utilitarian character of the vehicle, we didn’t even expect to get a better treatment.

All plastics and materials were selected for their durability which means that most of them are rock hard. The fittings aren’t too refined, but everything inside seems to have bullet proof build quality and the cabin will certainly resist to the punishment of harsh working conditions.

The dashboard is robust and you find all the needed controls mounted on the center console which is a bit cluttered, but you’ll get used to it pretty fast. All controls are easy to reach and most of the switches and buttons have a nice solid feel which made us praise once more the legendary German quality.

The seats are basic stuff and are a bit hard for our tastes. On the other hand, they offer a proper support for short missions and there are also a few adjustments to help you get more comfortable.

The all around visibility is certainly part of the first class thanks to the generous glass area that surrounds you.

Engines and performance

2010 Multicar Tremo Exterior
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A good power-to-weight ratio is important to good performance in any vehicle, and it’s no different with the Tremo. This small truck is pretty agile in its performances and offers adequate towing abilities and a proper acceleration.

The Multicar Tremo is equipped with a four cylinder Volkswagen CJDA turbo diesel Euro 5 and EEV compliant engine. The unit has a capacity of 1968 cc and features a particle filter in closed system. Maximum power is rated at 102 hp achieved at 3000 rpm, with a peak torque of 285 Nm achieved at 1750 rpm. The engine sends power to all four wheels offering a great grip regardless of the terrain conditions.

Multicar Tremo Engines Specifications

Engine capacity – cc hp @ rpm Nm @ rpm
1968 102 @ 3000 285 @ 1750

Ride and handling

2010 Multicar Tremo Exterior
- image 460384

The Multicar Tremo’s chassis is suspended with spring suspension, hydraulic shock absorbers and auxiliary rubber springs. The ride is of course more on the bumpy side, but despite its tall stance, the truck is able to stay pretty well planted on its wheels.

Due to its compact dimensions and the capable power steering you won’t have any problems to deal with tight working situations. Moreover, the truck is also offered with optional all wheel steering which offers an excellent maneuverability permitting you to make maneuvers that are impossible to do with a conventional front steer axle.

The stopping power is assured by a hydraulic 2-circuit brake system with brake booster and load-dependent braking force regulation on front and rear axles which offer a proper stopping force in any situation.


2010 Multicar Tremo Exterior
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The Multicar Tremo has anything it needs to be considered a practical and reliable partner for light duty operations. Thanks to its flexible character it can be used for a wide range of arduous missions and you can also rely with confidence on its strong build quality.

The cabin is pretty rudimentary but it copes well with the spartan character of the truck and the overall ergonomy is satisfactory. Fortunately the engine is more than capable to deal effortless with heavy loads and is at par with the other units in this class.

We especially like the capable all wheel drive system and the optional all wheel steer that makes the vehicle very agile even when it needs to deal with extra tight working conditions. We also need to send a shout to the famous German reliability and quality which work in Multicar’s favor.

Multicar Tremo Applications

2010 Multicar Tremo Exterior
- image 460375
Multicar Tremo Snow Removal
2010 Multicar Tremo Exterior
- image 460378
Multicar Tremo Road Cleaner
2010 Multicar Tremo Exterior
- image 460379
Multicar Tremo Grass Cutter
2010 Multicar Tremo Exterior
- image 460381
Multicar Tremo forward-mounted rotary brush
2010 Multicar Tremo Exterior
- image 460383
Multicar Tremo Dump
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