Introduced in 2007 the 365 vocational model completes the company’s lineup of medium duty applications for refuse and construction industries. The truck is highly versatile and is available with two axle configurations - set forward and set back. The set-back front axle configurations are available with FEPTO and all set-forward front axle configurations are available with REPTO for versatility with job specific applications. The Peterbilt 365 is available with both Day and Sleeper cab configuration.

Besides the different axle and cab configurations, the truck can be also ordered with a wide variety of other different heavy duty components for increased payloads and optimized weight distribution.

The truck is priced around $140.000 and features a conventional cab configuration. Under the hood the Peterbilt 365 is equipped with a wide range of engine options including Paccar MX, Cummins ISL-G, Cummins ISX and Cummins ISL9 units with maximum outputs between 320 and 480 hp.

  • 2007 Peterbilt 365
  • Year:
  • Make:
  • Horsepower @ RPM:
    450 @ 2100
  • Torque @ RPM:
    1650 @ 1100
  • Energy:
  • Top Speed:
    76 mph
  • Price:


2007 Peterbilt 365 Exterior
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The truck features a typical Peterbilt design with the stainless steel radiator grille traversed by three horizontal bars. The long bonnet is slightly raked to improve the driver’s visibility, while the metallic front bumper was built to endure the most rugged applications. The hood is made of an advanced composite material which provides better durability.

Unlike other trucks in the segment, which have the headlights mounted into the truck’s wheel arches, the Peterbilt 365 features pod-mounted headlamps which are corrosion resistant and cheaper to replace. The light clusters are fitted with standard halogen bulbs which offer 50% greater low beam performance and nearly 600% longer bulb life.

The lightweight, huckbolted, all-aluminum cab features a lap seam construction and bulkhead style doors which provides efficient isolation against water infiltrations. The vehicle also features a shiny vertical mounted exhaust pipe which enhances its rugged appearance.


2007 Peterbilt 365 Interior
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The cabin offers plenty of space even in the Day cab configuration and access inside is made effortless thanks to the well placed grab handles and the anti-slip steps which are placed relatively low. On the other hand the build quality is a bit poor and the fittings could’ve been better.

The dashboard design is pretty clean and very nice organized with every controls placed intuitively and within easy reach. We also like the air vents design as they cope well with the rest of the cabin. The steering wheel however, looks a bit dated compared to other trucks in the segment, but it feels good to hold and is fairly easy to maneuver.

The instrument cluster is fitted with two big gauges which are flanked on each side by other three small indicators. There is also a rectangular display nested in the center which shows different useful information about the engine and vehicle.

The seats are fairly comfortable and despite their flat “nature”, offer a good back support and you won’t feel cramped even after a full day of work. The driving position is high and commanding, giving you a superb view of the road ahead. The massive windshield is split in two sections which make it easier to repair and more cost effective.

Compared to other Day cabs in the segment there aren’t too many storage places available and except for a big glove box, a bottle holder and a few cubby holes there isn’t anything else were you could put you things.

Engines and transmissions

2007 Peterbilt 365 Drivetrain
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The truck is offered with a choice Paccar MX, Cummins ISL-G, Cummins ISX and Cummins ISL9 engines. The engines can be combined with either Fuller or Allison manual or automated transmissions.

The Paccar MX engine develops between 380-485 HP and features a dynamically balanced camshaft made of high strength steel to reduce engine’s weight and complexity. The single camshaft is located low in the block to help reduce the engine noise and keeps the overall engine size very compact.

The natural gas powered Cummins ISL-G engine meets 2010 EPA and CARB emissions levels and is a cost efficient and environmental friendly option for those seeking “greener” solutions for their trucks. The ISL-G develops a maximum output of 320 hp and 1000 lb-ft of torque.

The Cummins ISX engine meets the 2007 emissions standards and develops between 385-600 hp. The engine is fitted with a cooled-EGR subsystem, an electrically actuated VG Turbo, a Cummins Particulate Filter and a crankcase ventilation system with a coalescing filter, all managed by a single Electronic Control Module.

The Cummins ISL9 meets the 2010 emissions standards and has one of the highest power-to-weight ratios in its class. The engine is also fitted with the XPI fuel system and an improved Electronic Control Module (ECM). The Cummins ISL9 ratings range from 345-380 hp with a maximum torque figure of 1300 lb-ft.

Peterbilt 365 engines specifications

Engine hp@rpm lb-ft@rpm
Paccar MX 380 @2200 1,450 @ 1,100
Paccar MX 405 @2200 1,450 @ 1,100
Paccar MX 430 @2200 1,550@ 1,100
Paccar MX 430@2200 1,550 @ 1,100
Paccar MX 455@2200 1,650 @ 1,100
Paccar MX 485 @2200 1,650 @ 1,100
ISL G 320 320 @ 2,000 1,000 @1400
ISX15 600 600@2100 1850 @ 1200
ISX15 550 550@2100 2050 @ 1200
ISX15 525 525@2100 1850 @ 1200
ISX15 500 500@2100 1850 @ 1200
ISX15 485 485@2100 1850 @ 1200
ISX15 450 450@2100 1650 @ 1100
ISX15 425 425@2100 1650 @ 1100
ISX15 400 400@2100 1450 @ 1100
ISL9 380 380 @2000 1300 @ 1400
ISL9 370 370 @2000 1250 @ 1400
ISL9 345 345 @2000 1150 @ 1400

Ride and handling

2007 Peterbilt 365 Exterior
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The truck can be equipped with single, tandem or tridem rear suspensions, while at the front it gets taper leaf springs with shock absorbers. Thanks to this configuration the ride is pretty forgivable and the suspension can deal even with the most demanding road conditions without affecting the driver’s comfort. We also like the steering and the relatively tight wheel cut, which helps you to maneuver the truck around without too much fuss.

The compression brake of the Paccar MX engine is said to be capable of as much as 460 retarding horsepower, but compared to other units in the segment it doesn’t offer the same strong deceleration force when you have to deal with down hills.


2007 Peterbilt 365 Exterior
- image 446424

The Peterbilt 365 features a tough character and its high versatility makes it able to deal with a wide range of applications. The strong chassis is combined with similarly strong and efficient engines which help it get the job done without breaking a sweat. Despite the relatively poor build quality, we like the all-aluminum cabin as it offers plenty of space and features an uncluttered dashboard with a logical layout.

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