With a spacious cab and a generous load area the newest Peugeot Expert offers a high level of practicality packed into an attractive design. The vehicle shares the same body and technology with the Fiat Scudo and Citroen Dispatch.

The Peugeot Expert features a 5.0 cubic meters load box in short-wheelbase standard roof version, 6.0 cubic meters for the long wheelbase and 7.0 cubic meters for the long wheelbase high roof model.

The vehicle is offered with a choice of either 1.6 liter or 2.0 liter diesel engines. With payload capacities ranging from 1,000kg to 1,200kg, the Peugeot Expert is a fairly practical and versatile model that is ready to tackle a wide range of commercial applications with ease.

  • 2008 Peugeot Expert
  • Year:
  • Make:
  • Horsepower @ RPM:
    136 @ 4000
  • Torque @ RPM:
    320 @ 2000
  • Energy:
  • Top Speed:
    100 mph
  • Price:


2008 Peugeot Expert Exterior
- image 451621

In the latest years we had the occasion to see a rapid evolution in the design department of light commercial vehicles. The days when you’ve put an LCV next to words like “boringly boxy” are starting to fade, as in the recent years we’ve seen more and more LCV designs that break the monotony barrier.

One of these modern LCVs is also the Peugeot Expert which features a nice aerodynamic design that is able to disguises pretty well the boxy shape of the vehicle. Available as a van, crew van and panel cab, the Expert brings a breeze of fresh air in a pretty dusty LCV segment.

The vehicle features a raked bonnet combined with a sloped windshield for enhanced aerodynamics. At the front there is the big company logo mounted directly on the bonnet and beneath it there is a thin radiator grille which is flanked by two swept back headlights enhancing the dynamic appearance of the vehicle.

The black bumper has also an elegant line and gels seamlessly with the rest of the vehicle. The massive bumper features a big central air intake and two round fog lamps mounted on both sides.

The Peugeot expert is also fitted with rear sliding doors and protective lateral mouldings which enhance the length and underline the utilitarian nature of the vehicle. The back has a pretty simple design with vertical lights and a wide opening gate.


2008 Peugeot Expert Interior
- image 451608

Step inside and you’ll find a flexible environment which puts practicality on the first place. The dashboard is far from having the most attractive design seen so far. As we are sitting in a commercial vehicle, which has transportation as a main purpose, don’t expect to find any soft touching surfaces as most of the plastics are part of the third class. Though, the build quality could’ve been better, as its still behind models from Volkswagen of Mercedes.

What it’s not disappointing however, is the overall ergonomy and the easy to reach controls. We also like the instrument cluster’s layout which is easy to read and won’t distract you from the road. Besides the conventional round gauges, there is also available a rectangular display which offers additional information about the vehicle’s stats. Moreover, you can also choose for an optional satellite navigator system that can be mounted of top of the dash.

At the front, the Peugeot Expert can accommodate up to three adults and except for the middle one, the other two have plenty of shoulder, leg and head room.

Additionally the driver’s seat comes with a wide range of adjustments, designed to help you find a comfortable driving position. We also like the ergonomic steering wheel which despite its boring design, comes with both tilt and telescopic adjustments for increased comfort.

For its Expert, Peugeot offers a pretty generous list of goodies including electrically folding wing mirrors, parking sensors, cruise control, speed limiter, Bluetooth hands-free system and twilight and rain sensors.

The vehicle also features some unique storage solutions owners will find useful. Among them there is a bin under the front passenger seat which is fairly practical. Other available storage places include a refrigerated glove box, cup holders, door pockets and even over head consoles.

Engines and performance

2008 Peugeot Expert Interior
- image 451606

The Peugeot Expert is offered with a choice of three HDi diesel engines which develop between 90hp-136 hp. The engines can be mated on either 5 or 6 speed manual transmissions depending on the model.

The 1.6 l HDi 90 hp unit is fitted with 16 valves, a double overhead camshaft and a fixed geometry turbo. It is the most efficient unit in the Peugeot Expert lineup and is ideal for city traffic. Though, it could act a bit sluggish and it has a lethargic acceleration when fully loaded.

The 2,0 L HDi 120 hp features a performant variable geometry turbocharger and offers a good balance between city and highway regional driving. The strongest unit is the 2.0 L HDi 136 hp FAP engine which comes with a Particle Emission Filter for enhanced efficiency.

Engine Hp@rpm Nm@rpm
1.6 HDi 90@ 4000 180 @ 1500
2.0 HDi 120@4000 300@2000
2.0 HDi 136@4000 320@2000

Ride and handling

2008 Peugeot Expert Exterior
- image 451610

The Peugeot Expert is available with a choice of two types of rear suspensions namely metal or pneumatic. The latter allows the vehicle to remain at an overall height of 1.90 m and a constant ride height, regardless of the load. When stationary, it allows adjustment of the height of the loading sill by means of a manual control. Regardless of what suspension configuration you choose, the Peugeot Expert offers a fairly comfortable ride with good overall road manners.

The vehicle is also equipped with a capable power steering which is among the best in the segment and offers a sharp response, tight turnings and a good road feedback.

Peugeot won’t disappoint you in the safety department either and has equipped its LCV with ESP, ABS and EBD. There is also a driver airbag available, while the first row of seats gets a passenger airbag and optional side airbags and window bags.


2008 Peugeot Expert Exterior
- image 451617

The Peugeot Expert sets new standards in the LCV segment. It offers a modern design, a spacious and comfortable cab and a generous payload capacity.

You won’t complain about the engines either, and regardless of what weight you’ll carry at the back the Peugeot Expert is able to get the job done without breaking a sweat. The vehicle is also pretty versatile and comes with a wide range of suspensions, heights and wheelbases which make it perfectly suited for a large number of commercial applications. Its strongest advantages however, are the ride and handling as are among the best in the business.

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