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The Scania G Series is the perfect compromise between the bigger R Series and the smaller P Series. The truck is as versatile as its other two siblings and features the same fluid design that is so appreciated by truckers from all over the world.

Under the hood, the Scania G-Series is powered by either a 13-liter inline 6-cylinder or a 9 liter engine. Thanks to its versatile character the truck is offered in four pre-configured specifications for a variety of applications. The Scania G Series is also available in 4x2, 6x2, 6x4 or 8x4 configurations with Day, Sleeper or Highline cabs.

  • 2010 Scania G Series
  • Year:
  • Make:
  • Horsepower @ RPM:
    400 @ 1900
  • Torque @ RPM:
    2100 @ 1000
  • Energy:
  • Top Speed:
    80 mph


2010 Scania G Series Exterior
- image 452737

Scania’s trucks are by far the best locking cab-over models from the road. The most dramatic design element is the “V” shaped grille which features a nice dynamic pattern that starts from the bottom of the wrap-around windshield and flows down towards the bumper. The grille is traversed by horizontal strips and is usually painted in a different color than the body enhancing the modern look of the truck.

The bumper has also a pretty dynamic design and it’s fitted with two rectangular headlights and twin round fog lights. For enhanced aerodynamics, the long haul models come with standard side skirts which are painted in the same color as the body.


2010 Scania G Series Interior
- image 452741

Step inside and you’ll find the typical Scania design which is shared by all trucks built by the company. Even if the G Series cabin is slightly smaller than the one of the R Series this doesn’t’ mean that you don’t have plenty of space to play with. You’ll also like the plastics and materials which are part of the high class, while the fittings are also premium and can be compared with what you’ll find at Volvo and Mercedes trucks. The G series also comes with a lot of interior trim options, as it has a generous program of personalization.

The dashboard features a wraparound design which is usually found in all European trucks. Despite its curved design the dashboard isn’t intrusive and every control and switch is placed intuitively. The Scania G Series is offered with a high tech navigation system which also hosts a radio CD with MP3.

The instrument cluster is among the most modern units in the class and every gauge can be read without any problems. The Scania G Series also comes with steering wheel mounted buttons which permit you to control different functions such as the audio system or cruise control.

The seats are highly comfortable and offer adequate back support, being also available with various adjustments. The steering wheel is also adjustable and has a modern and ergonomic, design being easy to hold and offering a good grab.

Thanks to the lack of nose, generous windscreen and the high driving position you won’t complain about road visibility either. Not to mention about the plate sized mirrors which are also up to the task and keep the blind spots to a minimum.

The truck is available in sleeping versions which are fitted with a comfortable bunk at the back. There are a lot of storage places around the cab and there is plenty of room available for your things. There is also available an optional fridge that can be fitted under the bunk.

Engines and transmissions

2010 Scania G Series Exterior
- image 452738

Scania G Series is offered with a choice of either 13 or 9 liter engines. All units meet the latest Euro 5 emission standards and use a twostage Exhaust Gas Recirculation emission technology which is unique to Scania, allowing the engines to run solely on diesel without the need for additives.

Scania’s unique Exhaust Gas Recirculation works by reducing emissions during combustion, directly in the combustion chamber. It lowers nitrogen oxide emissions by cooling and reusing a portion of the exhaust gases.

Scania’s 13-litre inline engines also feature XPI and VGT technology, resulting in better productivity and economy. Scania’s XPI allows fuel delivery and injection pressure to be set independently of engine speed by using up to three fuel injections to enhance performance. The 13-litre engine range is offered in 360hp and 400hp outputs.

The 9-Litre 5-cylinder inline engine is fitted with the same technologies as the 13-liter unit, but offers smaller power outputs of 230hp, 280hp and 320hp.

The engines are mated on Scania’s ultra performant Opticruise automated transmission which eliminates the needs of changing gears manually permitting you to focus better on the road. The Opticruise transmission is available in either fully automated version with a unique automatic clutch, or with a conventional clutch pedal.

Engine hp@rpm Nm@rpm
13 liter 360 @ 1900 1850 @ 1000-1300
13 liter 400@1900 2100 @ 1000-1300
9 liter 230 @ 1900 1050@1000-1500
9 liter 280@1900 1400@ 1000-1350
9 liter 320@1900 1600@1100-1200

Ride and handling

2010 Scania G Series Exterior
- image 452745

The Scania G Series is equipped with parabolic springs, anti roll bar and shock absorbers at the front axle and full air suspension with automatic leveling at the back.

Scania’s trucks are very appreciated for their ride quality and the G Series makes no exception, offering a pliant and comfortable driving experience.

The truck is also pretty well balanced and has very good road manners with an accurate power steering which will reward with a good road feedback.

The stopping power is assured by a powerful retarder which is combined with a full air braking system linked to all around discs. For enhanced safety, the truck features ABS, ASR and hill hold with the ESP available as an option.


2010 Scania G Series Exterior
- image 452747

The Scania G Series won’t disappoint you in any way and receives good marks in almost any department. Its cab is almost luxurious and is fitted with good materials and high-end technologies. The ergonomy is also good and even if it won’t offer the same amount of space as the American conventional cabs you won’t complain about head-, leg- or shoulder-room.

The engines are also among the most efficient units in their class and develop enough ponies to get the job done without thinking twice. Moreover, the Opticruise is a real gem and received excellent feedback from the drivers.

Scania R Series Applications

2010 Scania G Series Exterior
- image 452742
Scania G Series Dump
2010 Scania G Series Exterior
- image 452743
Scania G Series Tipper
2010 Scania G Series Exterior
- image 452744
Scania G Series Concrete Mixer
2010 Scania G Series Exterior
- image 452749
Scania G Series Long Haul
2010 Scania G Series Exterior
- image 452753
Scania G Series Crane
2010 Scania G Series Exterior
- image 452756
Off Road
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