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Few truck manufacturers can compete against Scania and its biggest rivals usually come only from Mercedes or Volvo. Scania’s trucks however, have something of their own, and we are not talking only about the design which is the best in the segment. The engines are also among the best, while the build quality is part of the high class as well.

The P series is the small brother of the Scania family and it was designed for delivery transportations and light construction sites. The truck also offers the widest cab range in its class with 5 configurations namely the Short cab, Day cab, Low cab and also two versions of Sleeper cabs.

  • 2010 Scania P Series
  • Year:
  • Make:
  • Engine:
  • Horsepower @ RPM:
    400 @ 1900
  • Torque @ RPM:
    1549 @ 1000
  • Energy:
  • Displacement:
    13 L
  • Top Speed:
    81 mph


2010 Scania P Series Exterior
- image 443363

In 2011 the Scania P Series received a small facelift and its exterior was restyled in accordance with the G- and R-series. The new generation also features revisions to the front to cope with the cooling requirements for the future Euro 6 emission standards which will be required in 2013.

The new generation P Series features sharper lines and larger grille openings, as well as the standard Silver Brilliant grille colour and a larger Scania logo. The truck keeps the flowing lines pattern which made Scania’s design language so famous and also features a host of aerodynamic deflectors to enhance the truck’s efficiency. The revised bumpers are now available in two heights, both with integrated mounting space for the Adaptive Cruise Control radar at the centre.


2010 Scania P Series Exterior
- image 443375

The P series features a typical curved dashboard combined with a multifunctional four spokes steering wheel. Unsurprisingly, the build quality is top notch while the fittings are solid and look lasting. We also like the overall ergonomy which makes evident the engineer’s care for driver’s comfort.

The instrument cluster is fitted with big gauges which are clear to read and also feature a red and white color combination which is pretty catchy. Besides the common circular gauges, the instrument cluster is also offered with an optional trip computer which features a digital display to provide trip statistics and different vehicle data while driving.

The truck seats are also among the best in class and feature a wide range of adjustments which permit you to find a comfortable driving position. The steering wheel can be also adjusted for reach and rake further enhancing the comfort.

As most of the trucks in this segment, the road visibility is great too. On the other hand, even if the side visibility is not bad, you’ll miss the slope bottom line of the door windows which can be found at some trucks in the segment, as it offered a better view. Each cab is also fitted with large, well-positioned and adjustable mirrors. Moreover, the trucks can be equipped with camera systems with full-frontal display monitors that offer a wider and more centered field of vision.

The Sleeper cab features a full sized bed which will prove to be pretty comfortable for overnight sleeps. The cab also features the many generous storage places including lockers above the windscreen and under the bed. Besides that, there are also plenty of cubby holes and cup holders spread across the cabin to make your life on board easier.

Engines and transmissions

2010 Scania P Series Exterior
- image 443364

The Scania P series is available with a choice of 9-, 12- or 13-liter engines with different power outputs. Unlike most of the trucks in the segment, Scania’s engines don’t need any additives (such as AdBlue) to meet the Euro 5 norms and can run solely on diesel, thanks to the two stage Exhaust Gas Recirculation emission technology. This advanced technology is a unique feature that can be found only at Scania’s trucks and reduces emissions during combustion, directly in the combustion chamber. In this way it lowers nitrogen oxide emissions by cooling and reusing a portion of the exhaust gases.

The 13-litre inline Euro 5 engines come with extra-high pressure fuel injection and variable geometry turbocharger and offers maximum outputs of 360hp and 400hp outputs being the most capable engine in the P Series range.

Scania’s 9-litre 5-cylinder inline engine delivers the same advantages as the Scania 13L engines, but in a more compact configuration and develops 230, 280 and 320hp. There is also available the 9-Litre EEV engine that can exceed the Euro 5 emission levels.

The P series can be equipped with either 8- or 12-speed gearboxes which can be fitted with fully integrated Scania’s Opticruise and Retarder. The Opticruise is an automated gear changing system that removes the manual interventions needed to change gears, hence keeping the driver concentrated on the road. The new Opticruise is available in either a fully automated version with a unique automatic clutch, or with a classic clutch pedal. As most of today’s automated gearboxes, Scania’s Opticurise offer smooth and precise performances combined with low fuel consumption and improved uphill drivability.

The transmission range is completed by the fully automatic 6 speed Allison unit, which is perfectly suited for stop and go driving and is available for all Scania P Series engines.

Engines specifications

Engine capacity Emmision compliance Hp@rpm Nm@rpm
9 liter Euro 4 230@1800 1050@1100-1500
9 liter Euro 4 270@1800 1250@1100-1450
9 liter Euro 4 310@1800 1550@1100-1350
12 liter Euro 4 340@1800 1700@1100-1350
12 liter Euro 4 380@1800 1900@1100-1350
9 liter EEV 230 hp@1900 1050@1000-1500
9 liter EEV 270@1100 1050@1000-1500
9 liter EEV 280@1900 1400@1000-1350
9 liter EEV 320@1900 1600@1100-1200
13 liter EEV 360@1900 1900@1000-1300
9 liter Euro 5 230@1900 1050@1000-1500
9 liter Euro 5 280@1900 1400@1000-1350
9 liter Euro 5 320@1900 1600@1100-1200
12 liter Euro5 380@1800 1900-1100-1400
12 liter Euro5 420@1800 2100@1100-1400
13 liter Euro 5 400@1900 2100@1000-1300
13 liter Euro 5 360@1900 1900@1000-1300

Ride and Suspensions

2010 Scania P Series Exterior
- image 443366

The P Series can be equipped with either two- or four-spring air suspensions. These suspensions are Robust, lightweight and low-maintenance, and offer a pleasant ride and easy load handling. The truck is also available with conventional steel, suspensions with parabolic and multi-leaf springs offer which are a more economical option.

Together with the capable suspensions, Scania’s power assisted system is also able to deal with a lot of turning situations without any problems and receives full marks as well.

The Truck comes with standard all round discs brakes with EBS (Electric Brake System) and ABS. To assure optimum slowing power with minimum discs usage, the P Series is also equipped with a hydraulic retarder integrated into the gearbox. Thanks to this feature the truck’s speed can be fully controlled when it deals with downhill sections. You can engage the Retarder braking with a dab on the brake pedal or using the lever mounted on the steering column. Moreover, the retarder can be set to automatically work with the service brakes at all times, and the company says that it can reduce the service brake usage by up to 75 percent… which is quite impressive.


2010 Scania P Series Exterior
- image 443370

It is hard to make a bad choice when choosing a truck for distribution transport, as most of today’s products are good performers. However, the P Series is among the best models in this segment. Its engines are reliable, strong and most importantly very efficient. Not to mention, that Scania’s units can respect the Euro 5 emission norms without using AdBlue, and this says a lot about their quality.

Scania’s trucks have also almost the best acceleration in the segment, so you can rely on them with confidence being able to leave rivals like Volvo far behind. The cabin is also fault free and its ergonomically designed dash and seats offer a pleasurable driving experience.

VIdeo: Scania P Series Engines

Scania P Series Applications

2010 Scania P Series Exterior
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Scania P Series Temperature Controlled
2010 Scania P Series Exterior
- image 443360
Scania P Series Concrete Mixer
2010 Scania P Series Exterior Drawings
- image 443359
Scania P Series Firetruck
2010 Scania P Series Exterior
- image 443374
Scania P Series Crane
2010 Scania P Series Exterior
- image 443365
Scania P Series Tipper
2010 Scania P Series Exterior
- image 443369
Scania P Series Curtainsider
2010 Scania P Series Exterior
- image 443368
Scania P Series Garbage Truck
2010 Scania P Series Exterior
- image 443361
Scania P Series Cesspool truck
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  (1) posted on 05.18.2015

driven car transporters for 16 years with various trucks but the p cab scania is by far the worst one yet. So much space wasted that the bed is tiny compared to any of the competition, like sleeping on a windowsill !! Very dissapointed.

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