Scania’s best selling truck has been redesigned for 2010, both inside and out. And their work has been rewarded as the new R-Series was named 2010 Truck of the year.

On the exterior the 2010 R-Series gets more pronounced horizontal lines and a new vertical theme, new grille, with more distinct horizontal bars, a new bumper with optional LED daytime running lights and high-pressure headlamps and new sideskirts.

For the interior Scania opted for a new dashboard and new materials. Also customer can choose from a long list of factory options. Ergonomics have been further improved and the storage facilities around the driver enhanced to accommodate all the items that need to be at hand when driving.

The 2010 R-Series receives new fuel tank options and relocated batteries that boost maximum fuel capacity to 1,500 liters on 4x2 tractor units. Various other features further enhance fuel economy and reduce operating costs. A new extra-fast rear axle ratio provides scope for optimum fuel economy without overdrive.

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Press release

“Our customers can now invest in improved total operating economy. The new R-series truck combined with Scania Driver Support will lower their fuel consumption even further. Since driver appeal is a strong Scania characteristic, the new cab environment has been extensively modified. This also helps attract the best drivers, which is another key factor in obtaining good fuel economy and low operational costs,” says Martin Lundstedt, Executive Vice President and Head of Franchise and Factory Sales.

Scania’s R-series is taking on a new look inside and out. External changes have sharpened its looks, while enhancing aerodynamics and improving cooling capacity. Inside there is a new high-quality ambience, along with a brand new pull-out bed concept and lots of thoughtful detailing emanating from customer requests.

Five years after its launch and with more than 200,000 vehicles delivered to markets across the globe, the top-of-the-line Scania R-series has been given a new, more dynamic frontal treatment and other external styling touches that serve to boost its productivity and improve its looks.

At the same time the interior has been extensively modified, with upgraded materials that add a new level of quality. Innumerable options are available, luxury car style, to tailor the driver’s working and resting environment to individual needs.

Sharper exterior

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Sharper frontal styling, with more pronounced horizontal lines and a new vertical theme picking up from the window line and recess on the side and running all the way to the bumper, accentuates the flowing style and reinforces the Scania identity, which is also boosted by a bigger Scania logotype.
The new grille, with more distinct horizontal bars, features a brighter colour that contrasts better with the paintwork. The shape improves airflow and admits more air to the radiator and into the engine compartment.

The new bumper design blends into the strength of the frontal styling, while extending the availability of adaptive cruise control (ACC) to a wide range of models. Optional LED daytime running lights and high-pressure headlamp cleaners are integrated in the design.

New sideskirts for tractor units, painted in the cab colour as a standard feature, harmonise with the sharper frontal styling and lines from the boarding steps. The new aerodynamic shape improves fuel consumption by 0.6 percent compared to the current sideskirts. The new sideskirts are designed to accommodate larger fuel tanks, a step up to the catwalk and an integrated LH side exhaust outlet. A fuel tank capacity of up to 1,500 litres can now be specified on a 4x2 tractor unit, both with EGR and SCR engines.

Personalised interior

2010 Scania R-Series Interior
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The R-series driver station – by many considered to be an industry benchmark – has been extensively modified and upgraded to further enhance safety, comfort, storage, convenience and driver appeal.

The dashboard features new styling and new materials that improve its look and feel. The styling and choice of colours reflects the different functional areas in the cab, i.e. the workplace, the resting area and the sleeping quarters, all tied together by a coherent, customisable colour scheme. A long list of factory options enables the working environment and living space to be customised. Ergonomics have been further improved and the storage facilities around the driver enhanced to accommodate all the items that need to be at hand when driving.

As comfy as they get

2010 Scania R-Series Interior
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The standard lower R-series bed introduced in late 2008 features a thick, 155 mm mattress with pocket springs and small fill-in sections that can be left permanently in place for most drivers.

Scania is now launching an optional new bed with exceptional comfort, featuring a pull-out concept to adjust the width and the springing as well as a thick 155 mm pocket-spring mattress. Sleeping comfort can easily be tailored to individual drivers, without encroaching on the highly adjustable driver station. Bed width is adjustable from 730 to 900 mm. The width adjustment is easily accomplished by lifting the front of the bed, even when seated on it.

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